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Words of Wisdom

"Time is what we want most, but what we use the worst."
~William Penn

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gaining the momentum once again.

Man I love our technology... With Facebook, Twitter, blogs/websites it's so economical and quick to get the word out on just about anything.  In this case, great Texas music and information. 

I knew I'd found a unique name back in '05 when I bought the domain name.  I honestly couldn't believe that it was actually available.  Sitting down, and creating mailing lists then blasting out to the world that there was such a thing, began to take off.  Over time, the hits kept coming, the CD's kept pouring in.  Email and  letters were flooding the boxes.  I even had a couple of offers to sell the domain; nope, not for sale.

Back in '07, I'd tried for several months to do nothing but the sites.  Turns out, just like you guys out there making music, bills need to be paid.  So I shut it down, and went back to a "day job" as a construction manager.  I looked back on it, and was surprised that I was, in all total, receiving close to 20,000 hits, page views, per month.  Someone was looking, someone was listening.  It was a real rush.

Now, here I am again... cranking it up, looking to this time to be "the charm".

Over the last week or so, before I brought the site back up, I started blasting the email once again, created the blog/site, working on getting a media player that's compatible, set up the Facebook page and Twitter account.... and here's the result.  Page views from all over the country and the world...

The interest is out there, this time I'm going at it a bit differently... This is not a hobby, or a luxury to play with... it's business.  Just as your music is your business.  I want to market great Texas style music, of all kinds...pan for gold, find that diamond in the rough, that next big hit!... and, like you, make a buck or two while I'm at it.  I'll be setting up some marketing and advertising packages shortly to associate with Texas Online Radio.  If you're interested, drop a note... I'm open for suggestions.


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