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Words of Wisdom

"Time is what we want most, but what we use the worst."
~William Penn

Monday, March 28, 2011

So much easier now......

When I started Texas Online Radio back in '05, it was a different time, a different technology.  I've had the site up and down, on and off over the last years, only leaving it alone for a while to concentrate on the day job that pays the bills.

I'll tell you one thing, the people and bands I've gotten to know over the last six years is incredible.  I have the greatest collection of music you'll never hear on terrestrial radio.  I did my best to create shows, stream live broadcasts, keep the website up and current, trying new things, and as a one man show it was tough.

I didn't know anything about the internet broadcast game.  I just knew I loved music, and wanted to have a part in it.  So, I created an "online radio" station to broadcast to the world.  Artists and bands from all over began sending in CD's for me to play.  Begging for that one chance at hearing their work somewhere other than their headphones.  You could feel their excitement in the letters they wrote.  "You don't have to pay me! Just play it!" many would say. At one point, I came home from a working road trip of a couple of weeks;  the mailman came knocking on my door with a box of nearly 30 CD's that had accumulated over the weeks.  Some from as close as right up the road in San Marcos, others from all points on the globe.

For a brief while I had troops stationed in Iraq that sent me a note telling me they listened to my static music player as they got ready for patrol each day.  Sometimes I would create shows for them based on their requests.  There were those Texas Music buffs in Europe/Asia and beyond that were regular listeners.  Truly, one thing is universal on this planet we call home... music!

I envy those that can sing, and play an instrument or set up audio/video.  I'm simply a listener.  An old construction bum and one that loves all types of music. I just wanted to share some of those tunes you may not be exposed to otherwise.  It's expensive to get into the mainstream music biz these days.  I ran across the people that do it simply for the love of the music, and go on to the "day job" after a night's performance. To hear the passion, the want and desire of the individual artist was and is awesome.

Who knows, the next big hit may be heard for the first time right here at Texas Online Radio or sites like it.  I know there are many others out there doing the same thing, and for a lot longer...and much better at it.

I'm looking forward to getting the site up and running again, it's much easier now than it was before.

Thanks for dropping in and taking a look.  If you know someone or a band out there that deserves a bigger stage, let me know.


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