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"Time is what we want most, but what we use the worst."
~William Penn

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Rob Baird ~ Blue Eyed Angels - Live at the Saxon Pub - Video

Ran across this vid this morning... Rob has been nominated for "New Male Vocalist of the Year" for the 2011 Texas Regional Radio Music Awards! Please take a minute to register and vote online!
... help spread the word.

Baird is touring Texas all summer, including dates in Dallas, Austin, Lubbock, San Antonio and will tour the southeast and beyond around the album release. Check the website for dates and times in your area!

Rob Baird says growing up in Memphis, a city suffused with music, it was impossible not to pick up the guitar as a kid. And later, pilfering his sister’s record collection, Tom Petty and band’s “don’t bore us get to the chorus” approach to song structure, melded with Baird’s affinity for darker-themed lyrics of Texas writers like Chris Knight and other legends. On his debut Blue-Eyed Angels out August 31st (Carnival Recording Company), the 23 year-old brings those influences to bear, most notably on the title track,a tale about the emptiness of the world’s oldest profession, 
made lighter with a chorus that jingles. 

Rob Baird performs "Blue Eyed Angels" at Saxon Pub in Austin Texas, February 2011. 

posted by Jeff ~6.1.2011

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