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~William Penn

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Texas Border News ~ 6.9.2011

Stories compiled about the Texas/US-Mexico Border in the news today, click on the headline for the full story:

Special report: If Monterrey falls, Mexico falls

(Reuters) - Mario Ramos thought it was a bad joke when he received an anonymous email at the start of this year demanding $15,000 a month to keep his industrial tubing business operating in Monterrey, Mexico's richest city and a symbol of progress in Latin America.

Sitting in his air-conditioned office looking across at sparkling office blocks dotting the mountains on that morning in January, he casually deleted the email as spam.

Six days later, the phone rang and a thickset voice demanded the money. Ramos panicked, hung up and drove to his in-laws' house. It was already late and he had little idea what to do. Then, just after midnight, masked gunmen burst onto his premises, set fire to one of his trucks, shot up his office windows and sprayed a nearby wall with the letter "Z" in black paint, the calling card of Mexico's feared Zetas drug cartel. the full story here.  

U.S.-Mexico border shootout wounds suspected drug runners

(Reuters) - At least three suspected drug runners in Mexico were wounded in a shootout with U.S. law enforcement officers on the Texas-Mexico border on Thursday morning, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.


Congressman wants feds to define crossover violence along border 

With violence along the Texas-Mexico border escalating, some Republican lawmakers are gearing up for increased spillover onto U.S. soil.  Wednesday afternoon, U.S. Congressman Francisco Canseco, surrounded by sheriffs from counties on the border, spoke outside the State Capitol on border violence.
 “We should define what is happening on our border,” said Canseco, R-San Antonio.

Officers who were taking part in a multi-agency Texas Rangers operation exchanged gunfire Thursday with drug-runners along the Rio Grande, wounding at least three suspects....

 "We recognize that there are certain destinations in Mexico, particularly at the border, that we would not recommend Americans go on vacations, or Mexicans for that matter," Lopez Negrete told Reuters.

U.S. Border Patrol Weekly Blotter June 2 - June 8, 2011 

Border Patrol agents seized over 33,405 pounds of marijuana and 401 pounds of cocaine. Agents arrested 16 criminal aliens and 18 gang members. There were three rocking incidents.


Rep. Cuellar: Mexico's Law Enforcement Should Be Trained by U.S.

 He's now proposing that members of Mexico’s law enforcement come to United States to be trained by our government. “The stronger we get Mexico. The better it is for us.” Congressman Henry Cuellar, announcing a proposal he says will get to the root of the drug war and begin breaking down powerful cartels. 


Activist offers GPS 'life preservers' for illegal migrants crossing US-Mexican border

GPS devices in the hands of migrant smugglers could save the lives of their human cargo, he says. But the US Border Patrol warns that the devices only encourage people to make the dangerous trip across the Arizona desert.


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