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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Texas Record Chick Promotions Singles update ~6/20/11

Texas Record Chick Promotions Singles update 6/20/11

New feature on the update - you can listen to the singles. Still tweaking this, but check it out!

Bleu Edmondson - "Blood Red Lincoln" - Thank you for Bleu's first #1 single and for the 2 week #1 on the TRR and for the #1 on the TexNet 50 this week! 

Mike Ryan - "Won't Let It Show" - 18 on the TRR - 27 on the TMC - 8 on the TexNet50. 
Add/Convert please! Listen Here
Phil Hamilton - "You Can Have Me" - 44 on the TRR!!! 46 on the TMC and debuted at 47 on the TexNet50 
Add it now! CD out 9/20. Listen Here
Casey Donahew "Breaks My Heart" - HUGE jump to 15 on the TMC, 25 on the TRR and 28 on the TexNet 50. 
Add/Convert please. 

Matt Kimbrow - "Kissed You In The Rain" 32 on the TRR! - 40 ON THE TMC and 27 on the TexNet50. 
Add NOW. Great song!!! Listen Here
Zack Walther - "Tonight-The Night of Our Lives" - BUBBLING UNDER at 53!!!! 
63 on the TRR. Add/Convert now please! Listen Here
Jason Nutt and Highway 70 "What Happens Next" - 98 on the TRR! 
Listen and you'll want to add it! Listen Here
Grady Skelton - "We Like Drinkin'" - moved up to 112 on the TRR. 
Great song!  Add now. Listen Here
Rich O'Toole "Marijuana and Jalapenos - On your desk next week 

Bleu Edmondson's "Blood Red Lincoln" is his first #1. Way to go!!!

Phil Hamilton's new CD will be in stores 9/20. The title is TBD. Lots of good promotions being planned for this release. 

Wade Bowen's 13th annual Classic celebrity concert and golf tournament 
raises $127,500 for Postpartum International (PSI) 

Rich O'Toole - Check out the "The Cricket Song" video
Rich's new CD Kiss Of A Liar will be in stores 7/19/11. CD release parties are being planned now!

Dates for next year's Texas Regional Radio Music Awards and Radio Seminar: - March 24-25, 2012

Thank you,
Tami Millspaugh

Texas Record Chick Promotions, LLC
(214) 697-8954
Fax (866) 322-0946

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