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Words of Wisdom

"Time is what we want most, but what we use the worst."
~William Penn

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

"A Hero's Welcome" ~ to all who serve and have paid the ultimate price.

A Hero's Welcome.
The plane settles in on final approach.
I see the runway in the distance,
it's lined with American flags,
the crowd gathered just outside the terminal.
The pilot gently touches down,
as if landing on a bed of cotton.
We taxi to the terminal,
I feel the craft come to a stop.
My comrades lift me to their shoulders,
It's a hero's welcome.
Slowly, and with reverence,
they place me in the hearse.
My flag draped bed, and beautiful flowers.
I see my friends in the crowd.
Crying, sobbing because I'm gone.
Don't cry for me I say.
Slowly we drive away,
The rumble of the motorcycles lead the way.
I've come home.
The streets of home are lined
With friends, family and those I do not know.
I wave, but you cannot see.
I thank you for this homecoming,
You have taken the sting of death.
You understand why I'm gone.
I, and others like me, "walk the wall" for you every day.
I love you and I love this country.
Asking for nothing in return.
It was my choice to serve,
It was God's will that I go.
I would do it again. Just for you.
I stand tall next to my maker now,
Watching over you, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, and friends.
Walking the wall in Heaven,
...never to be forgotten.
Thank you for bringing me home.
posted by Jeff ~7.6.2011

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