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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Texas Music Awards RESULTS!! PRESS RELEASE!! ~ 7.11.2011


 Congratulations to all the winners and participants from all of us here at Texas Online Radio!!
- For Immediate Release - July 11, 2011-

Payline Productions / Texas Music AwardsTM / Academy of Texas Music, Inc.
P.O. Box 148
Linden, Texas 75563
Contacts: Lucky Boyd – Jinelle Boyd - 1-866-49-TEXAS
Shake Russell earns third Entertainer award at bizarre 9th annual awards show
LINDEN, TX – Austin-based performer Shake Russell was named Entertainer of the Year at the 9th annual Texas Music AwardsTM on July 9th at the newly renovated Academy of Texas Music building in Linden, but not without a twist.

Just prior to the second of three scheduled show segments, the electrical transformer powering the building failed, leaving several buildings in the area without power. The crew of volunteers running the show sprang into action, building a make-shift stage outside in the shadow of the building, allowing the show to continue.

Boards were put down in the grass, covered with carpet remnants, and a pick-up truck was backed in to act as a drum riser. In less than an hour, the show had been transformed from the elegantly decorated, high-tech auditorium to a sea of folding chairs under a group of half-century old Northeast Texas pine trees.

The first segment of the show went off without a hitch inside the building, including video, graphics, an excellent sound system, great stage lighting, and magnificent performances by five of the nominees. Several awards were presented in the first segment, including the Musical Honors Memorial Award, which followed a tear-inducing video featuring Troy Allan, an Academy member who passed away last October. His mother was there to accept the award.

Once the blackout occurred, fans, volunteers, and nominees all grabbed chairs and headed outside in the 100 degree heat to see the rest of the show. No one seemed to mind, however, as eleven more performances entertained the crowd and a dozen more awards were presented.

A memorable point of the show came when Freddy Powers was given the Lifetime Achievement Awards. Powers was on a one-day unscheduled pass from his hospital room in Dallas to attend the Texas Music Awards in support of his good friend and nominee, Bo Porter. Powers, who is in the advanced stages of Parkinson's disease, was surprised by the announcement of his award. His tearful acceptance speech was considered by many to be a truly treasured moment of Texas music history.

Folk singer and songwriter Tim Henderson, who spent many years performing with Peter Yarrow and Allen Damron, was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. An emotional meeting of Henderson and Powers on stage was a highlight of the day, as these two old friends had not seen each other in many years.

Both Powers and Henderson will be enshrined with exhibits in the music museum which will be housed in a portion of the Academy building at 301 E. Houston in Linden.

Jinelle Boyd, one of the producers of the show, remarked on its success, "Our outstanding volunteers have always been quick to adapt to any situation. This was their biggest challenge thus far, but they acted perfectly, giving Texas music fans and nominees the day they deserved. In true improvisational Texas spirit, what could have been a disaster of epic proportions turned out to be a magical day that will go down in history."

Bill Smith, one of the production assistants, added, "It was a special moment when we announced that the show would continue outside. Everybody just grabbed a chair and headed out. Not one person complained. It was truly magical."

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A list of the 2011 award recipients appears below:

Musical Honors Memorial Award
Troy Allan
1967 - 2010

Billy Jo High for SMOKING BARREL (Charlie Hager & The Captain Legendary Band)

Vocal Duo or Group
2-Bit Palomino (Houston, TX) 2-BIT PALOMINO

Chris Gage - multiple instruments on GYPSY ALIBI (Bob Livingston)

“Love Don't Live Round Here Anymore” – Jeremiah Houston Band (Austin, TX)


“The Whiskey” - Leon Waddy, songwriter (San Antonio, TX) Poor J. Brown

Female VocalistChristen Sawyer (Sugar Land, TX) PICTURE UN-PERFECT (Christen Sawyer)

Male Vocalist

David Fenley (Fredericksburg, TX) HILL COUNTRY SOUL (Poor J. Brown)

GYPSY ALIBI – Bob Livingston (Austin, TX)


Shake Russell (Austin, TX) 

Bob Cheevers (Austin, TX)

Rising Star

Backseat Molly (Palestine, TX)

Live Band

Push Water Band (Jewett, TX) 

Disc Jockey
Brett Dillon – KHYI – Dallas, TX

Broadcast Radio Station

KHYI – 95.3 FM – Dallas, TX

Internet Radio Station

Radio Free Texas (Nederland, TX)

Carl T. Sprague Award
LONE COWBOY - Michael Martin Murphey (Dallas, TX)

Academy Award of Distinction
SINGER IN A ROADHOUSE BAND - Mandy Mercier (Austin, TX)

Artistic Excellence Award
DOGGONDEST FEELIN' - Jeremy Parsons (San Antonio, TX)

Historical Significance Award
SINCE I SAW YOU LAST - Steve Howell (Marshall, TX)

Musical Event of the Year

Gone To Texas Award
Preston Camp, Jr. (Atlanta, GA)

Lifetime Achievement Award #1
Tim Henderson

Lifetime Achievement Award #2
Freddy Powers

Palmwood Award
Jaye Hooper (Jefferson, TX)

MyTexan Award
Mike Blakely (Buchanan Dam, TX)


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