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~William Penn

Friday, July 08, 2011

Texas Tax Free Shopping for "International" Visitors - Fair to Texans? Harmful to the State economy? ~Developing....


Did you know that if you are an "International" visitor to the State of Texas, you can "shop til you drop" and then provide your receipts and get every bit of your taxes on those purchases refunded to you??

This translates to billions a year in lost revenue for our State.  If we travel, do other countries offer this same perk?  I'm investigating this program and will update as I find out more information.

I received an anonymous email outlining the use of this program right here in Central Texas.  "International" visitors are coming to the outlet malls located nearby, basically cleaning out the stores, getting their refunds and returning home to sell the clothing for substantially more than paid.  Tags are removed prior to going through customs, and the empty suitcases and carry-alls on the vehicles that came into the country are now returning full with non-declared items.

Until I have the chance to look into this further, visit the website Tax Free Texas and make yourself familiar with the program and how it effects you.  Form your own opinion, and contact your congressional representative for more information.   

In their FAQ's it states: Are US Citizens/Residents eligible for this refund?
"Yes, anyone is eligible for a Sales Tax refund as long as the purchased items are exported and proper exportation procedures are followed. The US Constitution Article 1 Section 9 Paragraph 5 guarantees "No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State." Christmas gifts taken to family overseas or a US Citizen living abroad are good examples of qualifying situations." ... are "proper exportation procedures" being followed? or... is the system being abused?  Make up your own mind, and form your own opinion.

Developing.....  I wasn't aware of this program, and I'm looking for more information.  Leave your comments by clicking on the post header or leave comment below.
posted by Jeff ~7.8.2011

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