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~William Penn

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Family Crude; Dallas, Tx. ~ On The Horizon Artists - 1.31.2012 - Podcast

Family Crude
Dallas, Tx
TK Chronister - Vocals / Guitar
SheraLee Clark - Vocals / Guitar / Harmonica 

Northern Cardinal Ent. - 972-415-7122

"Not much to say about this duo... Let their music do the talkin'!"   ~ Jeff/TOR
"Born Again" by Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons.
“When the Stars Go Blue”  © 2001 Words and Music by Ryan Adams
Recorded and performed by Family Crude at Buz Starrett Studios, 05-22-2011


Family Crude is an alt.Country-Folk-Rock acoustic duet comprised of two fantastic singers, TK Chronister and SheraLee Clark. As fate sometimes creates legends, there is no doubt some cosmic law is at work here. Several years ago they met through family as they both became sister-in-laws and soon realized they share an enormous passion for great songs. Much to our benefit, after many family gatherings and camp fire sessions,they decided to share their music partnership with the world. Together, their voices deliver a captivating and harmonic beauty, much in the vein of Dixie Chicks and Indigo Girls but possibly with a darker edge.

***Their first demo is in production. Stay tuned.***


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  1. What a breathe of fresh air...hope to hear lots more!
    KK1 - Houston, Texas

  2. Finally!! These talented women can be heard by the masses!! They are my friends and they are truly amazing. I'm sharing with my family and friends across Texas. I'm also sharing with my new friends in the state of NY.

    Love you ladies!!

  3. Great.... can't wait until the demo comes out!

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