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Words of Wisdom

"Time is what we want most, but what we use the worst."
~William Penn

Saturday, August 20, 2011

New "Green Jobs" Programs for Texas and the US. - News/Opinion

Since it's proving out that the "Green Jobs" programs the Obama Administration is championing are complete failures.  Lets take a look at three programs that will provide "Green" for many in Texas and the US.
Three Step "Green Jobs" Plan

1.  Continue the exploration and production of gas and oil properties across the State and Country.  Continue research to make petroleum products more efficient and increase the technologies for better fuel mileage in the larger vehicles.  No one wants the small electric cars, there's no demand.  The administration is pumping billions of dollars down a "Green Hole" into technologies/companies that are going bankrupt on a daily basis.
Green energy through the production of natural gas.

2.   Press your Representatives, especially here in the State of Texas to allow full sticks and bricks Casino Gambling.  This will keep billions of dollars here in the State, provide a boom to the construction industry and related businesses.  Increasing the taxes paid to State and Federal coffers.
Green dollars filling empty accounts.

3.   Press your Representatives for the legalization of marijuana/hemp production, and regulate just like alcohol and other legal drugs.  Taxes will flow into the State and Federal governments.  Peripheral businesses will expand and grow, and the industrial hemp production process will increase farm revenues, can assist in the energy needs of the Country and  needless to say, cut back the cartel violence in the sale of illegal drugs.  
Green products expanding the economy.
posted by guest contributor TxSkywalker - 8.20.2011

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