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Words of Wisdom

"Time is what we want most, but what we use the worst."
~William Penn

Sunday, September 11, 2011

KRUGMAN: Bush, Giuliani 'fake heroes' who cashed in 'on the horror'... ~via Drudge Report headline.

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Commentary ~ Jeff/TOR

On a day like today, you would expect to see events remembering that fateful day, reflecting in yourself as to what the day meant to you, your family and friends.

There's no room for political commentary such as this pile of excrement put out in the NY Times this morning.

The coward knows his commentary is so incendiary that he's decided "not to allow comments for obvious reasons".   He's done the exact same thing he's blaming our leaders of the time for in his little regurgitation of his thoughts.  He's hijacked the day to express his political and personal view.

Regardless of your political side... today, just like ten years ago, we should all pull together and be Americans once again.

Saying that our leaders "hijacked" the event to take us into wars that no one wanted, everyone agreed on the same intelligence.  Democrats, Republicans and Independents all agreed, we could not have gone in any other way...unlike the current administration that has taken us into Libya.  The question of WMD's in Iraq, has always been and always will be a question...  but think about it, you tell a drug dealer you're "gonna get him, you're coming!" for six months or more, don't you think he'd clean out the stash house.  I'm sure that's over this guy's head.  But that's not the point.

Cashing in?  That's hilarious because that's exactly what this "educated, elitist, intellectual, better-than-thow" has done.  Your opinion means nothing out here in fly over country sir, your commentary is just as incendiary as the fuel those jets carried ten years ago, and you knew it.  You're a hypocrite, and a coward.  You have the right to write anything you wish, and so do I.  There are people out there whose job it is to protect that right, those who lost their lives, the first responders and the soldiers in the field are the ones this day is about.

You've left them out of your commentary, showing your thoughts are elsewhere, your motive is to divide, rather than bring together.  None of these true heroes exist to you, they're invisible to your narcissism and self gratification at the keyboard. 

You should be ashamed of yourself, look at that face in the mirror....are you comfortable with that?  ...or is your soul completely gone?

I'm really no one in the big picture, I have a small, and growing site.... but I have a conscience, and a belief in this Nation and it's people.  It's not about politics on this day, it's about an attack on The United States of America.  It would have been better for you to help build back the pride in America, not tear it down.  ...or, is that your agenda in the first place?

The title, "The Conscience of a Liberal", I'm sure, does not speak for many liberals in this country.

Unlike you, I leave my comments open...  Jeff

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