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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Texas - US and Mexico Border News - 9.28.2011

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'War' at the Border: More Than a Texas Problem
Fox News
What we've seen over the last two years is a shift, to use a military term, the strategic content of the cartels to shift their border operations north of the Mexican border one county deep into Texas for three reasons. First of all, to escape the ...
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The Irony of Rick Perry's "Immigration Problem"
Huffington Post (blog)
Which begs the question: how could Texas do $72 billion dollars of business with Mexico through the border if it is a war zone? The answer is simple, the Texas-Mexico border is not a war zone. In fact, when Governor Perry is not in front of national ...
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Border Patrol seizes 3300 pounds of pot at the Texas-Mexico border | The Republic
The Republic
AP PENITAS, Texas — The US Border Patrol has seized more than 1½ tons of marijuana in a bust in the South Texas border town of Penitas (pehn-YEE'-tuhs). The Tuesday morning bust happened 60 miles west of Brownsville and 15 miles west of McAllen. ...
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Military generals join Texans in calling for border security action
East Texas Review
By Todd Staples, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Despite empty assurances from Washington, communities along the Texas/Mexico border continue to face threats and violence from invading Mexican drug cartels. With the release of our commissioned report, ...
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Mexican Cartel Snuffs Social Media Star as Violence Nears 'Civil War' Levels
Wired News
Throughout northern Mexico, civil society has “severely deteriorated.” The authors go on to claim Mexican cartels have moved into Texas border counties to use as safe havens: hiding out from Mexican authorities under the nose of US law enforcement, ...
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Report Warns of Cartels Gaining Ground on Texas Soil
The report is raising eyebrows for some who say it offers proof that counties on the Texas Mexico border are under attack. The report is called 'Texas Border Security: A Strategic Military Assessment' and was released by Agriculture Commissioner Todd ...
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CBP Officers Make Large Weekend Drug Bust
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
El Paso, Texas -- US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers working at the El Paso port of entry seized 473 pounds of marijuana in a single incident late Friday. The seizure was one of several drug busts made during the weekend at ports of entry ...
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Smugglers Pass Marijuana Through Bars of US-Mexico Border Fence
InSight Crime
Drug smugglers have responded to the construction of a strengthened section of US-Mexico border fence at Nogales, Arizona, by packaging marijuana to fit through gaps between the bars of the structure. The 2.8 miles of border fence in question was ...
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Mexican social media boom draws drug cartel attacks
NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico (Reuters) - Maria Macias used the Internet to denounce the brutality of local drugs lords in this Mexican border city until they silenced her and dumped her headless body on a busy street. Macias, 39, had been an active contributor ...
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Fence along US-Mexico border would 'hinder smuggling, retard aliens entering ... (blog)
"LA PRYOR, Texas, -- A high wire fence along the Texas-Mexico border to supplement the Rio Grande as a dividing line, will be sought by the Border Stock Raisers' Protective Association. ... "The fence, the resolution said, would 'hinder smuggling, ...
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Informant helped smuggle guns to Mexico, investigators say
Los Angeles Times
Many turned up at violent crime scenes in Mexico; two were recovered in December after a US Border Patrol agent was killed in Arizona. The letter signals that the congressional investigation is looking beyond the ATF operation and into the possibility ...
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Los Angeles Times
ANALYSIS: Safety scores questionable for some Mexican cross-border applicants
The Trucker
Since the Department of Transportation announced the currently proposed cross border program July 6, eight Mexico-based carriers have applied for OP-1 (MX) operating authority that allows a carrier to operate beyond US municipalities and commercial ...
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Officials worry Mexican drug violence getting worse in Texas
It's called "Texas Border Security: A Strategic Military Assessment," and was presented at the protect Your Texas Border Summit at the capitol. "That US/Mexican border cannot be a divide. It has to be a place where these two great cultures come ...
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NM governor to attend border conference
Sacramento Bee
Susana Martinez will be traveling to Mexico for this year's meeting of governors of US and Mexican border states. The Border Governors Conference begins Wednesday in Ensenada, Baja California. Representatives from California, Arizona, Texas and several ...
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US-Mexico truckers sputter over trade agreement
Concurrent with signing the memorandum of understanding on the cross-border trucking program, Mexico lifted half the tariffs. The remainder will be dropped as soon as the first Mexican truck obtains a permit and is allowed to enter the US. ...
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4 more enter country illegally on Deming school bus (3:48 am)
Las Cruces Sun-News
According to Trejo, "roughly" 450 to 500 students board the buses at the Columbus Port of Entry on the US side of the border. The students are American citizens, either by birth or other means, who live in Mexico. "I'm totally disappointed," he said. ...
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Final defendant sentenced in case of SUV rollover that killed 11 people
Nogales International
“Guides working for the conspiracy would bring aliens across the United States-Mexico border and guide them over the Huachuca Mountains to pick up spots near Sierra Vista,” the US Attorney's Office said in a statement. “The groups of undocumented ...
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posted by drib azuhcel - 9.28.2011

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