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~William Penn

Monday, September 26, 2011

Troubadour, Tx - Launches New Texas Music Scene series.... Awesome!! -Video

All photos (c) Troubadour, Tx.
 "I got acquainted with Troubadour, Tx. on Twitter a couple of months ago, and I began following the run up to the launch of their new series on Texas Music.  They'll be following on a regular basis the "behind the scenes" of making music in this great State of ours.  I checked out the first episode this morning, and I'll be making a habit of watching!
Great work guys!! I'll help spread the word.  
Don't miss an episode folks!
Texas Online Radio is behind you 150%... 
a refreshing new look at Texas Music."
Jeff / TOR

(c) Troubadour, Tx.
What is Troubadour, Tx?  ...from their website.

Troubadour, TX is a unique television series following the lives of various singers and songwriters as they chase their dreams across the Lone Star State, a legendary hotbed of American music.

Troubadour Tx is a docu-drama shared by story teller, filmmaker and singer/songwriter, Stacy Dean Campbell.

We'll take you behind the scenes and follow the music, the passion and the journey of these talented men and women living the life of a Troubadour. more here.

You can watch the first episode below or visit the Trouboudor, Tx website HERE.
Click here to visit Baskins' website.
Stay tuned for the next episode!  I'll keep you posted.  ~Jeff  9.26.2011

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