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~William Penn

Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Friend In London - "Calling a Friend" - New Video

For a little mix in today's music schedule, I received a Twitter message simply saying 
"...could you please have a look at this?"  So I did.
You know we're into all types of music here at Texas Online Radio, so I thought I'd introduce some new tunes suggested from site visitors from all over the world...

"A Friend in London" has a terrific sound, well produced video and thought I'd share.  
Here it heard it here first... meet "A Friend in London"

Leave your comments below and let the band know what you think!! 
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A FRIEND IN LONDON was formed in 2005 when 4 guys met at a boarding school in Vostrup, Denmark. From day one the hunt for powerful and catchy melodies was the main focus of the band. Through the past years the band has been touring Denmark with more than 100 shows refining the expression of their work. The music combines the simplicity of boy-band pop with the complexity of British influenced indie rock backed by powerful choir arrangements.
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posted by Jeff 10.6.2011


  1. GREAT song of a GREAT danish band!!!!!!!! The whole world has to listen to their music! The band has a huge FRIENDzone....they all are sailing the FRIENDship together!!!!! Come and join the FRIENDzone to celebrate A Friend in London!!!!! And check this out

  2. they are fucking great! i love them and will allways do! The FRIENDzone is the best place you can be in everyone is so surportive og so sweet to he together! i think everyone should listen to the song, RT it on Twitter put on FB do everything to help thise guys to get Gobel! they truly desvert it! Much Love From A Big AFIL fan! (Twitter: @AFILstalker)

  3. Anyone who wants to join us in the #FRIENDZONE, go follow the boys here, promiss it'll be worth it :D