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~William Penn

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jesse and Noah Bellamy; from the Landfall CD - Waiting On An Echo - Podcast

See Jesse and Noah's new Christmas video release
"I Want Texas for Christmas"

What a great day for Bellamy family music here at!!
Just got through posting the latest single from  
The Bellamy Brothers, "What a Country" 
and now tossing up for your review, Jesse and Noah Bellamy's single "Waiting On An Echo" from their latest CD Landfall.

Leave your comments below...Thanks.

(Jesse Bellamy, William Sherwood Crain / Skunk Ape Music-ASCAP, Magic Midas Music-BMI)
Produced by Jesse Bellamy, Noah Bellamy
From the CD: Landfall
Although they were raised on the family ranch in Florida, neither Jesse nor Noah Bellamy had aspirations of being a cattle rancher. Jesse relates, “We converted an old hay barn into a studio, that’s where we rehearsed and eventually began recording our first demos.” It didn’t hurt that their father, David Bellamy, of the Bellamy Brothers was there along the way encouraging and fostering their talents.

Visit their website to keep up by clicking HERE!
 click here to order your copy today!!

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posted by Jeff - 10.11.2011


  1. This song is a personal favorite from the Landfall album. Even though I promote and support many artists and their music professionally, in the end this is the stuff I carry in my car

  2. What a mature and refreshing sound. Seems more like crossover country that would fit on any regular whatever they call adult listening station because of the great guitar licks so it's more than just good country music. I also like the flow of the song, dancehall DJs could get a lot of mileage out of this. My first chance to listen to Jesse and Noah but it won't be my last. Going to order the CD for more.

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