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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Texas at WAR!! Gun Battle Erupts on Texas Border; SWAT teams dispatched.

Texas At War
Just a few hours from our State Capital and major Texas population centers;
when are they going to call it what it is... an invasion of our State; it's WAR!

Mexican drug cartels accused of greater aggression against US
AHN | All Headline News
American law enforcement authorities say they are tracking what appears to be a more aggressive approach toward the United States by Mexican drug cartels. The latest revelations show the powerful Sinaloa cartel was considering a military assault ...
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Mexico Says Drug Cartel Operator Arrested
ABC News
Mexican officials say they have arrested a drug dealer who controlled smuggling routes and ran a campaign of murder and intimidation for the Knights Templar drug cartel. The Defense Department says Juan Gabriel Orozco Favela was in charge of smuggling ...
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Mexican journalists report on drug cartels despite the risks
CNN International
(CNN) -- Three years after the killing of Mexican journalist Armando Rodriguez, his colleagues said they are more determined than ever to write about the nation's drug cartels despite the risks. "Those who ordered the killing of Armando were wrong ...
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New Study on Mexico's Drug Cartels and the Global War on Drugs
Cato @ Liberty
A new policy is needed to stem the violence and consequences of the Mexican drug cartels pervasive power. In a new study released today, Ted Galen Carpenter, senior fellow, argues that the only lasting, effective strategy for dealing with Mexico's drug ...
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United States and Mexico must join forces against drug cartels
San Francisco Examiner
America can't afford to let our leaders play politics when conditions in Mexico have become so serious. Transnational cartels are now so powerful and dangerous that they pose a real threat to national security on both sides of the border. ...
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Mexico election signals return of Figueroa's PRI
The Guardian
Luisa Maria Calderón, too, implied that the drug gangs were threatening her party's voters and poll watchers on behalf of the PRI in retaliation for its aggressive stance against cartels. She said her team would carefully review vote tallies in parts ...
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The Guardian
Mexican drug balladeer shot dead
Last May the government in the home state of Guzman's Sinaloa cartel banned the popular drug ballads in places serving alcohol, but they still ring out from radio stations and in music videos. A member of a.
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Ignore Mexico and We'll All Pay the Price
City Watch
ZOCALO PUBLIC SQUARE - Last Friday morning, the second most powerful man in Mexico's government, the cabinet member leading the war against the drug cartels, died in a helicopter crash. Mexicans were stunned: Francisco Blake Mora was President Felipe ...
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Mexico's Carlos Fuentes, on the record
Globe and Mail (blog)
Mexico is facing a dramatic security challenge. President Felipe Calderon has confronted the drug cartels by sending in the military. Has this worked? President Calderon arrived at the presidency five years ago and his victory was widely doubted ...
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 5 Nabbed in Deaths Linked to Zetas

Laredo police on Tuesday and Wednesday rounded up five people they say carried out hits for the notorious Zetas drug cartel on this side of the Rio Grande.

SWAT teams dispatched as gun battle unfolds near Escobares

The Monitor
ESCOBARES — Gunmen crossed the Rio Grande into the United States near a shootout between where the Mexican military and a group of gunmen was taking place.

Several area SWAT teams responded about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday to a ranch near Escobares, just across the U.S.-Mexico border, where a shootout broke out south of the Rio Grande.
The shootout reportedly began shortly after noon but details were not immediately available. Residents on the U.S. side reported seeing members of the U.S. Border Patrol and Starr County Sheriff’s Office securing the area near the border.

Border Patrol spokeswoman Rosalinda Huey said agents had been tracking a suspected drug load near La Rosita and pushed it back to Mexico.

Border Patrol alerted Mexican authorities of the suspected load and then found an injured Mexican national on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande, Huey said. Emergency crews rushed the man to an area hospital. His condition remains unknown.

The man, a suspected cartel gunman, had been shot by Mexican authorities, a separate U.S. law enforcement official said.

The official confirmed a group of as many as 15 gunmen had crossed the Rio Grande, though it remained unclear whether they were Mexican soldiers or cartel gunmen.

“We don’t know who they are,” the official said. “We haven’t gotten that information yet.”
Local authorities in Hidalgo County provided backup support along the Rio Grande as Border Patrol dispatched additional agents from the McAllen area to the incident in rural Starr County.

The experience was a bit unnerving for Ricardo Guerra, whose brother owns La Prieta Ranch in La Rosita. Guerra was overseeing the ranch hands shortly after noon when they noticed that the roads near the property became quickly swarmed with authorities.

“Yeah, you worry when that happens,” Guerra said. “We all went back inside the house. It looks like there was something going on over there (Mexico); we heard four or five shots from the helicopter. It looks like the (Mexican military) helicopter was shooting at the people on the ground over there.”

While he heard the shots, Guerra’s property soon swarmed with more than 100 law enforcement officials from various agencies.

“We saw them take one guy in an ambulance,” Guerra said. “He looked in bad shape.”
posted by Jeff - 11.9.2011

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