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Words of Wisdom

"Time is what we want most, but what we use the worst."
~William Penn

Sunday, November 13, 2011

KTSW Texas State University, San Marcos - "The other side of radio...."

When I was on the road, I always tried to find the local college radio station to listen to.  These kids do a great job keeping the shows and music on the air and should be listened to.  Not only are they having a blast providing the content and doing the shows, they're most likely working toward a career in the broadcast industry in what ever discipline they're pursuing.

This week I'm going to begin a feature on Texas university radio.  I'll provide links and information to their sites so you can find out more about the program, and find some really cool music!

Keep up the great work guys/'re doin' it!! You're "On The Radio"!!!  Good luck in your careers.  I came at it too late in life...  Keep it rollin'!  ~Jeff/TOR
This weeks feature station is from Texas State University in San Marcos, Tx.
"The other side of radio..."  89.9 on the dial if you're in the area.

Click the image below to listen online.

posted by Jeff - 11.13.2011

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