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~William Penn

Friday, November 04, 2011

Major General Peter Fuller relieved of command for remarks.


Major General Peter Fuller bio
Commentary by Jeff/TOR

First of all, God Bless You for your service to out Country sir.

Enough is enough....someone had to say it, our other "leaders" won't.  They'll bow and apologize.

Americans spend billions, if not trillions of tax dollars on defending and taking care of other countries.  In this case, Afghanistan.

Several weeks ago Afghan leader Karzai made a statement that "In the event of a US/Pakistani confrontation, the people of Afghanistan would be at the side of the Pakistanis."

We're the only reason this Karzai character exists and continues to breath air.  After Karzai's statements, Maj. General Fuller said in a recent Politico interview:

Fuller characterized Afghan leaders as erratic, ungrateful and isolated from reality. The interview quotes him as saying Afghan leaders don't fully recognize America's sacrifices on their country's behalf. 

Referring to Karzai's recent assertion that Afghanistan would side with Pakistan if Pakistan got into a war with the U.S., Fuller was quoted as calling the comments "erratic," adding, "Why don't you just poke me in the eye with a needle! You've got to be kidding me . I'm sorry, we just gave you $11.6 billion and now you're telling me, I don't really care?"

Fuller said the Afghans have at times made unreasonable requests for U.S. assistance.

"You can teach a man how to fish, or you can give them a fish," Fuller was quoted as saying. "We're giving them fish while they're learning, and they want more fish! (They say,) 'I like swordfish, how come you're giving me cod?' Guess what? Cod's on the menu today."

Fuller also said the Afghans don't understand the extent to which the U.S. is in economic distress or the "sacrifices that America is making to provide for their security." He said the Afghans are "isolated from reality."  ...courtesy of AP writer LOLITA C. BALDOR 
 ...and what exactly was it that he said that was not fact?  I understand the military protocols...but in this case, could we side on common sense, and the good guy for a change?  There are many other ways without a public humiliation to punish for the violation of protocol.
He just said what MILLIONS of us were thinking.
This bit of "strength" shown by Maj. Gen. Fuller is a shot in the arm we need right now.
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  1. Seems his personal opinions hit a nerve. Maybe he might consider running for office. He stood up and spoke his mind, and most of it, IMO is correct.

  2. Good someone knows what is going on and cares