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~William Penn

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Meet the "Texas Best Ranch Girls" - Promotions / Events / Concerts and more!

Move over "Captain Morgan Girls", stand down "Bud Girls", and say adios "Miller Lite Gals" there's a new Posse in town that's hotter than a 
West Texas sun in July...  
meet the "Texas Best Ranch Girls"!
Who says "Outside the Box" advertising doesn't work? 

Driving through downtown New Braunfels today I decided to head to Sonic for a burger.  As I turned in the drive there was a Chevy Camaro in front of me with the words "Texas Best Ranch Girls" on the bumper, and a TBRG logo plastered across the rear window with the website address clearly available.  I jotted it down and thought I'd check it out when I got home.  Placed my order, and left... only to have the same car pull in front of me out of the drive thru lane.

Got back to the trusty laptop and pulled up the website.  As I went about eating lunch, I looked over and the words.... "Hold on, we're getting dressed..." greeted me on the screen.  Hmmmmm...what have we here?

After the page loaded, I was greeted with some of the most beautiful Texas women I'd ever seen... Terrific!!

As I looked through the site and learned more about it, I found the concept is the brain child of Texas Ranch Broker Jeff Soele.  You can contact their marketing professionals for a terrific addition to you next event, promotion, sales event or concert.  They have all the tools available to make things unforgettable... unique cars, trucks, boats, helicopters and all sorts of Texas Toys and even Longhorns if you find they fit your event.  Very interesting stuff!  Check out their website for more information on booking these lovely Texas Ladies.

This is one of those I thought I'd just give you heads up on....  Slow economy?  This will definitely boost traffic to your location!

Check 'em out!  Looks like a fun bunch!
~Jeff / TOR
 God Bless Texas....women!
Just click on any of the pics to take you directly to their website or click HERE!!

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orrrrr...wanna take a look at a few promo videos?  Click below!
Texas Best Ranch Girls Rock Playboy Radio ~ Wetter is Better...  ~ Texas Best Ranch Girls..."FIRECRACKER"
 ~ Texas Best Ranch Girls... Jena ~
If you would like to become a TBRG there's a spot on their site for info! 
*DISCLAIMER:  As many "radio show" personalities say... "This site for research purposes only!"
wink, wink!
Enjoy!  ....I did!

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