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Friday, November 04, 2011

Wyman Meinzer; The Official Texas State Photographer

 Did you know the State of Texas has an official photographer?

I have had a love for photography and music since I was a small boy.  When I ran across the site this evening for Mr. Meinzer, reading the information about him and watching his videos, I had to share with you. The following two videos featured below will reinforce the reason we live in the Great State of Texas.

Some may know him, some don't, and for those I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Wyman Meinzer, the Official Photographer for the State of Texas.  I'll let him and his works speak for itself.  You've probably seen his photos in such publications as Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Texas Parks and Wildlife and said to yourself, "That's a great pic." and moved on.  Never knowing anything about the photographer behind the camera, well, now you know. Enjoy.  ~Jeff

...from his website bio.
Wyman Meinzer is the only official State Photographer of Texas. He was raised on League Ranch, a 27,000-acre ranch in the rolling plains of Texas. Since then, he has traveled across the state many times to capture the first and last rays of sunlight as they kiss the Texas landscapes.

Meinzer has a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Management and was voted Outstanding Alumnus in 1987 by the department of Range and Wildlife Management at Texas Tech University. He also received the Distinguished Alumnus award in 1995 from the School of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. In 2009 he received the Distinguished Alumnus award from Texas Tech University in recognition of outstanding achievement and dedicated service. more here.

Introduction to Wyman; Securing the Legacy

Securing The Legacy from Wyman Meinzer on Vimeo.

Wyman Meinzer's West Texas

Wyman Meinzer's West Texas from Wyman Meinzer on Vimeo.

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