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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Texas and Mexico Border News - 12.13.2011

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Reporting from inside Mexico Blog


Obama Reducing Security at US-Mexico Border
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
The one place where there is agreement, however, is on the need to secure the southern US border. It's not just a matter of immigration, illegal or otherwise, but of combating criminal enterprises and ensuring national security. The porous US-Mexican ...
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Army Finds Tunnel Under Construction on US-Mexico Border
Latin American Herald Tribune
People traffickers and drug cartels often use clandestine tunnels to cross the vast US-Mexican border, which runs 3200 kilometers (1988 miles). On Nov. 15, US authorities announced the discovery of a drug tunnel linking San Diego and Tijuana. ...
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Mexican Drug Smugglers Go Underground With Surprisingly Sophisticated Tunnels
Fox News
30, 2011: A Mexican army soldier stands next to an elevator shaft that lowers into a tunnel in the northern border city of Tijuana, Mexico. US authorities said they discovered a new cross-border tunnel Tuesday, the latest in a spate of secret passages ...
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Fox News
Is an unmanned US-Mexico border crossing a good idea? (KNXV-TV)
The kiosk would allow Mexican nationals to speak with a customs agent hundreds of miles away and show identification before crossing into the US legally. Critics say the idea of a border crossing without a customs agent is a terrible idea given the ...
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Mexicans cry foul over US immigration law
MEXICO CITY — Migrants and advocacy groups on both sides of the border urged the US Supreme Court to strike down the controversial Arizona immigration law that has sparked outrage in Mexico. The renewed calls against the law — known as SB1070 — came ...
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Mexico kills 11 cartel suspects near US border
CBS News
(AP Photo/Felix Marquez) MEXICO CITY - The Mexican army said Monday 11 suspected drug cartel members were killed and a soldier wounded in a shootout just south of the Texas border. Soldiers began engaging with the gunmen Saturday after they opened fire ...
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Meth stashed in nacho cheese and jalapenos, border agents say
by Michael Henrich A methamphetamine stash valued at approximately $140000 was found hidden in cans of cheese sauce and jalapeno peppers at the US-Mexico border, the LA Times quoted customs officials as saying. Officials said a driver at the San Ysidro ...
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Horse race celebrated sister-city camaraderie
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
On Cinco de Mayo 2001, a couple miles of the barbed-wire US-Mexico border fence were taken down and replaced by skinny white plastic pipes that marked the centerline for horse races. Nearly 20000 people lined the track on both sides of the border west ...
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Family of Canadian held in Mexico urges Ottawa to help
Mexican authorities last week publicly accused Vanier, 52, who runs a mediation company out of her home in Mount Forest, Ont., of being the ringleader in a plot that involved two Mexican citizens living in the US and a Danish man. ...
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Fox's Van Susteren Tries To Gin Up Outrage Over Uncontroversial Border ...
Media Matters for America (blog)
You have to remember that this is one economy, one ecosystem, and that means both sides of the US-Mexico border. So the town that had been on the Mexican side has been dying since 9-11 since that border closed. The National Park Service has really been ...
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Media Matters for America (blog)
Holder to push against voter-ID laws
Hot Air
To no one's great shock, Attorney General will take time away from trying to cover up figure out why his own department sent thousands of weapons across the US-Mexico border to go after a real problem in our country. I refer, of course, to the plague ...
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Parallels between Fast and Furious and Pancho Villa's murder of Americans
Washington Times
He dispatched 15000 militia along the Rio Grande to secure our border and obtained permission from the acting Mexican president to pursue the perpetrators into Mexico. He then ordered General John Pershing and US troops to pursue Villa into Mexico. ...
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Washington Times
Pilot program has seen little cross-border trucking
WASHINGTON — Five months after the US and Mexico ended a stalemate on long-haul international trucking, the agreement has led to a handful of cross-border deliveries — all by the same truck. The Department of Transportation has so far approved only ...
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Mexican Officials Working To Lure US Tourists To Baja
Less than 24 hours ago I was the victim of a $200 shakedown by two Mexican police officers on the streets of Tecate, Mexico. I am a USA citizen and had been in Ensenada for a couple of weeks on vacation. On my way to the border crossing yesterday I was ...
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Border Patrol constructing unmanned Texas border crossing
By Jim Forsyth SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) - There are no boots on the ground at the newest port of entry between Mexico and Texas, which is under construction on the Rio Grande in the remote Big Bend National Park. That's because people who are crossing ...
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Study says U.S. undervalues its trade relationship with Mexico
Nogales International
And he noted that the United States opened three additional ports of entry along its southwest border in 2010: the San Luis 2 commercial port in Arizona and two more in Texas. However, he added, "during the decade from 2000 to 2009, there were zero new ...
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DHS Scales Back Mexico Border Fence Plans
SBINet was meant to cover nearly the entire border, including parts of Texas and New Mexico. While scaled back in scope, the towers project is still expected to meet a number of ambitious goals. The surveillance and radar technology should be able to ...
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Exclusive: Texas Rep. Poe: 'F&F a ruse to go after U.S. gun sales'
He is still astonished that Attorney General Eric Holder, after several months of Fast and Furious headline news and alleged investigation, cannot pin down who was ultimately responsible for allowing the facilitation of weapons smuggling into Mexico, ...
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High Court To Wade Into Immigration Debate
by Nina Totenberg A US Border Patrol agent patrols along the US-Mexico border in Naco, Ariz., in September. On Monday, the US Supreme Court agreed to hear a legal challenge to Arizona's tough new law on illegal immigration. A US Border Patrol agent ...
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SPC Dec 13, 2011 0700 UTC Day 2 Convective Outlook
Newsroom America
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Archdiocese welcomes immigrants
San Antonio Express
“For example, the church could do a lot to address the economic problems in Mexico and El Salvador, rather than criticize the United States for wanting to secure its borders.” Adriana Cadena, statewide coordinator for the Reform Immigration for Texas ...
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PM Note: Newt and Romney Go At It
ABC News (blog)
As we crossed the border I smiled to myself. I said, 'I made it through to the end.'” Nine years after a contentious, multibillion-dollar war, the United States is closing its bases in Iraq and bringing back combat troops. The US withdrawal has caused ...
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ABC News (blog)
Congress appears poised to pass major spending bill
Austin American-Statesman
The bill covers everything from money to combat AIDS and famine in Africa, patrolling the US-Mexico border, operations of national parks, and budget increases for veterans' health care. House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers, R-Ky., ...
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Brutal drug cartel leader 'Lucky' Hernandez captured by Mexican marines after ...
Daily Mail
Mexican marines have captured a founding member of the brutal Zetas drug cartel, the navy announced today. Marines arrested Raul Lucio Hernandez Lechuga in Cordoba, in the state of Veracruz, where the Zetas are fighting for control against a gang ...
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Daily Mail
Drug cartels leave a scarred forest legacy
Mail Tribune
By Chris Conrad Southern Oregon's forests carry the scars created by drug cartels that abuse them to make money in the lucrative marijuana market. An intense crackdown on Mexican drug cartel growing operations in Southern Oregon's hills appears to have ...
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Drug Operation: Cartel bust detailed
Merced Sun-Star
La Familia is a violent Mexican drug cartel that has been linked to a rash of kidnappings, beheadings and drug crimes in Mexico in recent years. Last month, an investigation conducted by state and local task force agents into the cartel's Central ...
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Merced Sun-Star
Drug cartel Communications 101
Houston Chronicle (blog)
Our global society has developed a deep reliance on communications devices of every kind, and that need to communicate translates into a critical dependency for the drug cartels trying to move drugs into the United States from Mexico. ...
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Houston Chronicle (blog)
Calderon spokesman: Mexico unaware DOJ was passing laundered cash to cartels
Daily Caller
(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak) According to a spokesperson for Mexican president Felipe Calderon, Mexico's government was left in the dark about a US Drug Enforcement Administration drug money laundering scheme that allegedly facilitated the transfer of ...
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Daily Caller
Mexico navy catches a founder of Zetas drug cartel
Click here Mexico navy catches a founder of Zetas drug cartel Originally published: December 12, 2011 11:04 AM Updated: December 12, 2011 7:40 PM By The Associated Press (AP) -- Mexican marines captured a founding member of the brutal Zetas drug cartel ...
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Mexico Poses 'Perps' With Guns
Fox News
Mexico likes to put on a good show for the press after arresting an alleged drug cartel member. The already infamous press presentation process, normally featuring detainees lined up in front hulking amounts of narcotics or guns, has taken on a whole ...
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US indicts alleged drug smuggler tied to Hezbollah
Sacramento Bee
It alleges that Joumaa led a conspiracy to sell tons of Colombian cocaine to the Zetas drug cartel in Mexico, which ultimately sold the drugs in the US Joumaa also allegedly laundered the proceeds. Earlier this year, the Treasury Department designated ...
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56th member of Congress calls for Holder's resignation
Daily Caller
“Attorney General Eric Holder is either withholding what he knows about Operation Fast and Furious, and the guns that ended up arming Mexican drug cartels, or he is incompetent for not knowing how the secret program worked.” Fleming has also been vocal ...
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Daily Caller
Far Less People Entering US Illegally From Mexico
Fox News
Mexican drug cartels also may play a role in discouraging people. The cartels often ply the same routes to the US that undocumented immigrants use, making those paths violent and dangerous. Some crossers have been forced to serve as drug carriers for ...
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Ex-mayor, 3 relatives murdered in eastern Mexico
Fox News
The incident occurred around 1:00 am Sunday in Cerro Gordo, a community located outside the city of Emiliano Zapata and some 330 kilometers (205 miles) east of Mexico City. Veracruz has been plagued by a turf war between rival drug cartels that has ...
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News of the Day From Across the Globe
San Francisco Chronicle
2 Drug war: Mexican marines captured a founding member of the brutal Zetas drug cartel Monday, the navy said. Marines arrested Raul Lucio Hernandez Lechuga in the city of Cordoba in the state of Veracruz, where the Zetas are fighting for control ...
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SEND veteran Iraq equipment to secure our border
Daily Caller
Mexico's militarized drug cartels are a powerful army complete with narco-tanks, helicopters and a massive stockpile of dangerous weapons. The drug war has destabilized Mexico, yet the administration seems to think that the violence will not reach our ...
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Mexico seeks Flaherty's advice on G20 summit
Globe and Mail
The June, 2012, summit will be followed a few weeks later by a national Mexican election that marks the end of the controversial six-year term of President Felipe Calderon, whose deadly crackdown on drug cartels led critics to accuse him of going too ...
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Globe and Mail
On the threshold: Mexican PPP bill to boost investment opportunities
International Law Office
Unfortunately, the 2008 economic meltdown and the war against drug cartels have seriously limited the availability of public funds. Government investment in infrastructure has shrunk and the president has been forced to shift his focus to other key ...
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Iran Expanding War Base on America's Doorstep?
Christian Broadcasting Network
Still closer to home, Hezbollah has reportedly established ties to Mexican drug cartels along America's porous southern border. "Hezbollah has been involved in narco-trafficking in the Western hemisphere for a number of years now," Cardenas explained. ...
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USDOJ: Assistant Attorney General Breuer Recognizes Criminal Division ...
7thSpace Interactive (press release)
... and Marlon Cobar of the Criminal Division's Narcotic and Dangerous Drug Section for their extraordinary work in establishing a groundbreaking program and associated initiatives to address the security threat posed by the major Mexican drug cartels. ...
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Q/A: Inside the murky world of arms dealing
CNN (blog)
Feinstein: Drugs and arms are often symbiotically linked. Many organised crime cartels operate in both trades. This is certainly the case in Mexico where drug cartels not only have access to huge supplies of weapons, but in some instances also trade ...
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'Fast and Furious' Gets New Scrutiny
Roll Call (subscription)
Unlike other officials, such as Kenneth Melson, the former head of ATF, Burke did not describe a process of learning that the investigation was allowing hundreds of assault weapons to escape to Mexican drug cartels. Burke eventually asked to “come back ...
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Roll Call (subscription)
Border crossing a hassle, so why bother?
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
Then, in 2009, the Obama administration beefed up checks of people and cars heading into Mexico, trying to stop the illegal exportation of guns, ammo and cash that help fuel the bloody wars between feuding drug cartels. Before Rivera meets friends from ...
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News briefs
Tulsa World
Eleven suspected drug cartel members were killed and a soldier wounded in a shootout just south of the Texas border, the Mexican army said Monday. Soldiers engaged the gunmen Saturday after they opened fire from a building where they had holed up in ...
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Iran minister, Saudi crown prince meet
Press TV
... the countries escalated when, on October 11, the US Justice Department accused Iran of plotting to assassinate Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Washington, Adel al-Jubeir, with help from a man suspected of being a member of a Mexican drug cartel. ...
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Press TV
Catching up with 'Leverage' season 4: 'The Girls' Night Out Job'
What's being stolen isn't a gem, or a priceless art treasure -- it's information on a computer about the reserve levels of oil in Venezuela, which is apparently a hot item for Texas oil barons and drug cartel honchos. OK. Whatever. ...
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White House ducks Issa hearing on nuclear commission dispute
Daily Caller
That's a reubke for Issa, who is also leading a hard-nosed and expanding investigation into the Justice Department's Operation Fast and Furious, which facilitated the sale of thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels. With continued backing from the ...
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Daily Caller
Breuer Says He Won't Resign
Main Justice
... that contained inaccurate information about the investigation, in which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives allowed guns purchased in the US to make their way across the border and into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. ...
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Mendte - MF Global: Its Not The Crime, Its The Cover-Up
Now, to Attorney General Eric Holder, who needs to explain to congress why the justice department first denied in a letter that they lost track of 600 automatic weapons that got into the hands of the mexican drug cartel and then withdrew the letter and ...
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Borderland Beat: Drug Wars: This Isn't Your Mother's Cartel
By Buggs
Nearly three decades later, the modern-day Mexican drug cartels pose one of the biggest threats to the safety of American law enforcement officers not just on our southern border, but throughout this nation. Recently, I was privileged to speak ...
Borderland Beat
Call of Juarez: The Cartel, the first trailer of this controversial action ...
Call Of Juarez: The Cartel, is the next bet Ubisoft studio. A frantic action game where you have to stop the dangerous Mexican drug cartels. For this very reason is why various Mexican authorities are trying the game is not sold in the Aztec ...
Magazine about information technology
Mexico navy catches a founder of Zetas drug cartel - Home » Other ...
Mexican marines captured a founding member of the brutal Zetas drug cartel Monday, the navy announced. - Breaking News
Eric Holder's New Scandal: Money Laundering For Cartels
By The Bear
In a Monday letter to Holder, Issa noted that as in Fast and Furious “this same goal of dismantling Mexican drug cartels motivated the Drug Enforcement Administration in aiding and abetting these same cartels in laundering millions of dollars ...
The Absurd Report
Mexican Soldiers Kill 11 Suspected Cartel Members in Gunfight ...
By John Glaser
Mexican soldiers exchanged gunfire with suspected drug cartel members just south of the Texas border on Saturday, ending in the death of 11 gunmen and one injured soldier. According to the U.S. Department of Defense, the gunfight began ...
News From
War News Updates: 5 Years Of War Against Mexico's Drug Catel Is ...
By War News Updates Editor
More News On Mexico's 5 Year War Against The Drug Cartels. Violence tops results of ... Mexico Busts Drug Cartels' Private Phone Networks -- NPR Mexican family ... Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Heading Towards America? -- FOX News ...
War News Updates
Barracuda Brigade: Mexican attorney general: "Obama more ...
By Barracuda Brigade
Operation Fast and Furious was a botched Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives covert operation initiated in order to track more than 2000 smuggled guns to Mexican drug cartels by allowing gang members to purchase them ...
Barracuda Brigade
PearPad - Report: Honduras outlaws motorcycle passengers to ...
The country faces a rash of problems as Mexican drug cartels move to expand their influence. Honduras currently serves as a corridor for cocaine traffic from South America, and the presence of violent gangs in the nation has only serve to ...
PearPad Content Shaker
'Narco-Mania': A War on the War on Drugs | The Range: The Tucson ...
By Mari Herreras
In this video, the US State Department cooks up a plan from their drug-addled brains to break up the Mexican drugcartels” by fixing up alleged “cartel boss” Chapo Guzmán with Yoko Ono. The “expert analyst” in the film, one Jorge Martín, ...
Tucson Weekly
Emails: ATF 'Sting' Just An Excuse For Gun Control | Impeach ...
By Ben
The guns the ATF allowed to be delivered to Mexican drug cartels have been used in hundreds of violent crimes and more than 200 murders, including the Dec. 14 killing of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. It then took U.S. Attorney ...
Impeach Obama Campaign
Rick Perry condemns Obama decision to reduce troops on Mexican ...
By Richard Dunham
“This decision is all the more appalling given the actions of Attorney General Eric Holder, who let thousands of guns fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels through the botched Fast and Furious program. Now is not the time to cut security ...
Texas on the Potomac
Protest AG Holder's Appearance at LBJ Library in Austin | Dprogram ...
By sakerfa
(KurtNimmo) – Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, who claims to have a faulty memory about Operation Fast and Furious, the effort to arm murderous Mexican drug cartels, will be in Austin, Texas, tomorrow, December 13. photo The LBJ ...
Link to FAST AND FURIOUS Investigation
By Wanumba
For Arizonans who want to follow the latest in the on-going investigation of the FAST and FURIOUS Obama Adminstration's Justice Department's appalling scheme to provide U.S. weapons to Mexican drug cartels. Committee on Oversight ...
Arizona Politics for Conservatives:...
U.S. Proposes Unmanned Border Entry with Mexico :: American ...
Since they are not stupid they know that their policies will result in more illegal drugs and more illegal aliens as well as the importation of the brutal Mexican drug cartel dominance war. Obviously, they are complicit in the drug trade and only go ...
American Renaissance News
Big Day for Cartel Busters - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime
By Jeralyn
There was a lot of action in the war against drug cartels today. The Mexican Army killed 11 suspected cartel members in a shootout in Valle Hermoso, 30 miles south of Matamoros, which in turn is south of Brownsville, Texas. The shootout was ...

Web 4 new results for mexican drug cartels
Mexican drug cartel-related bust in Merced County |
Law officials in the North Valley have arrested 24 trans-national gang members who are accused of manufacturing and running meth labs.
The DEA Is Laundering Money For Mexican Drug Cartels (12-07 ...
The DEA Is Laundering Money For Mexican Drug Cartels (12-07-2011) .... Mexican drug ...
How Mexico's drug cartels profit from flow of ... - The Long Good Read
The weapons are used by the cartels to protect narcotics production in their battle with the Mexican police and army, and smuggle drugs north. Key to the cycle is ...
The onset of Mexican Drug Cartels |
The killings were carried out by members from a Mexican drug cartel, allegedly the Zetas, which is the second largest drug cartel in Mexico after The Sinaloa ...

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