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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Texas and Mexico Border News - 12.18.2011 - Weekend

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Reporting from inside Mexico Blog

Border Patrol: Increase in drug seizures, decrease in border-crossers in 2011
The Hill
Over the past fiscal year, CBP has added 886 Border Patrol agents to its 21444-strong force, with a bulk of them deployed to the US-Mexico border in an effort to stymie illegal drug, weapon, money and human smuggling. In addition to manpower, ...
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A Road Trip, Mexican Style, to Watch the Cowboys
New York Times
By JULIƁN AGUILAR MONTERREY, Mexico —The convenience store was the last stop until the border on the road leading out of this industrial Mexican city, and Raul Vargas, a tour guide, made his instructions clear: the 24 die-hard Cowboys fans on his ...
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New York Times
Auburn Journal
One simple thing that could be done is seal of the underground tunnels that have exits on this side of the border. How much money does that take? That would be too simple. The war on drugs is more complex than what is revealed to us. ...
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John Carlson: It's not fast and furious for Eric Holder
Virtually all the guns disappeared and are identified as they turn up next to bodies. At least 300 Mexicans have died in shootouts involving Fast and Furious guns. US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed a year ago last week. ...
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Immigration Dept. investigates Western border
The Reporter Belize
The allegation is that Belize Immigration officers stationed at the crossing of Benque Viejo border, detained Mexican national, Yolanda Pineda Castillo, and Honduran national, Xenia Paz Bardalez, who were traveling from Honduras to Mexico, ...
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The Reporter Belize
US turns alleged Zeta over to Mexican authorities in Matamoros
... Jose Luis Pacheco Balderas was turned over without incident to Mexican authorities by the agency's Enforcement and Removal Operations branch. Court records show that Pacheco, 37, was arrested Nov. 17 in Alto Bonito by the US Border Patrol. ...
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Hurd was allegedly selling drugs to a "double digit" number of NFL players
Assuming all goes as planned, Hurd will make bail and soon travel to Texas, where the criminal charges were filed, to face a trial, likely to be scheduled for next year. If ultimately convicted, Hurd could face between five and 40 years in prison. ...
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Web 1 new result for texas drug cartel crime
Letter to Geraldo Rivera Regarding Drug Cartel Activities > Texas ...
A man is gunned down on a McAllen, Texas, freeway; the killers are linked to the drug cartels. A Webb County, Texas, rancher checking his cattle is shot at and ...

Murder suspect factors in cases [The Brownsville Herald, Texas]
Insurance News Net (press release)
15, 2007 , and that he was released on March 29, 2007 , to the US Border Patrol . A $400000 surety bond had been set on him, which was posted by International Fidelity Insurance doing business as Ro-Que Bail Bonds. A grand jury indicted Villarreal in ...
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Confederate Gen. Price led 1864 campaign into Missouri to liberate state ...
Joplin Globe
11, which depopulated much of the western Missouri border a year earlier, often by violent means. Ewing was ordered to Pilot Knob by Union Maj. Gen. William Rosecrans, commander of the District of Missouri, and Ewing scraped together about 1000 men ...
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USDOJ: Members and Associates of Barrio Azteca Gang Plead Guilty and Are ...
7thSpace Interactive (press release)
The BA is primarily based in West Texas; Juarez, Mexico; and throughout state and federal prisons in the United States and Mexico. The gang has a militaristic command structure and includes captains, lieutenants, sergeants, soldiers and associates ...
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12 Days: Mother of 4 leans on family, faith during cancer battle
The discovery of the mass led her to doctors on both sides of the border and, eventually, a diagnosis: Stage 3 breast cancer. It was a frightening development, yet one she could overcome. But even after her physician set her up on an aggressive ...
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Mexican City To Begin Countdown For Dec. 21, 2012
Tapachula, best known as a gritty border town crossed by Central American migrants en route to the United States, is not a popular Mayan tourism destination. But nearby Izapa is a place where many stelae have been found, including the “Tree of Life” ...
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Hispanic Teen Saves Boy Attacked by Dogs
Latin American Herald Tribune
EL PASO, Texas – Teenager Gabriela Ramos was honored by officials of the Border Patrol's El Paso Sector for saving a 7-year-old boy from an attack by two savage dogs. Ramos, a 10th grade student in Deming, New Mexico, told Efe that on Oct. 5, 2011, ...
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Blogs 1 new result for texas and mexico border
Border town rest stop a sanctuary for Mexican travelers heading ...
By jgumbrechtcnn
... be a paisano. But every Christmas, in the small border town of Laredo, Texas, it takes on another meaning. ... As the political climate along the Texas-Mexico border has changed, many travelers are nervous when they approach the border. ...
In America

Legalize pot: It'll dry up drug cartels' market, save forests
Mail Tribune
By Bill Varble Sheriff Mike Winters frowned as he showed a reporter a stack of photographs documenting Mexican drug cartels' marijuana-growing operations on federal land in Southern Oregon. The photos showed filthy camps, nitrogen-loaded chemical ...
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Mexico's Drug Wars: Topics That Made Headlines in 2011
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives' (ATF) Operation Fast and Furious came under scrutiny beginning in early 2011 after two guns that the federal agency knowingly allowed to be bought by drug cartel-associated “straw purchasers” ...
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No One Hurt in Grenade Blasts in Northern Mexico
Latin American Herald Tribune
President Felipe Calderon recently deployed army troops under “Operation Northeast” in Tamaulipas and the nearby states of Nuevo Leon, Coahuila and San Luis Potosi in an effort to weaken the drug cartels operating in the region. ...
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Protesters Demand Justice for Slain Mexican Activist Marisela Escobedo
Hispanically Speaking News
The 52-year-old woman staged the protest on that fateful day after learning that Barraza Bocanegra had moved to Zacatecas state and joined Los Zetas, known as the most ruthless of Mexico's powerful drug cartels, following his acquittal in his first ...
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'There's No One Watching':Police, prosecutors seek greater oversight of money ...
Hilton Head Island Packet
'Not on the cutting edge' Federal and state laws providing oversight of money service businesses have helped authorities investigate and apprehend members of drug cartels and international terrorist cells, including Mohamad Youssef Hammoud. ...
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Best of 2011(Behind the Scenes): 'Sons of Anarchy' music supervisor Bob Thiele ...
Entertainment Weekly
And so the times are a-changin' as the core biz of SAMCRO — guns — is going to be taking a backseat to drug muling for the cartel. The fact that the song is rendered in Spanish takes us out of the old “on the nose” musical use. ...
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This scam was put together so liberals/socialists could purposely sell guns to Mexican drug cartels to gain support for major gun control legislation in America. It was supposed to be a covert attack on the Second Amendment's right to bear arms, ...
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Blogs 11 new results for mexican drug cartels
Renewing the War on Drugs: A Firmer Stand against Mexican Cartels
By George Maliha
With the severe weakening of Columbian drug cartels, Mexico emerged as the most viable route for large-scale drug trafficking into the United States. This near monopoly on the drug trade has enriched Mexican DTOs and has allowed them to ...
American Foreign Policy
Why Should We Care About Mexico? |
By shorty
In the case of Mexican drug cartels, this assessment is not only exaggerated—it's downright wrong. Anyone who has looked at the dynamic of the violence there knows that there is a difference between political terrorist organizations seeking ...
Borderland Beat: Mexican Police: Weapons Found at Scene of ...
By Buggs
It is understood that at this point these events do not hint to a direct connection to Mexican Drug Cartels, but due to the significance of events that may bear further implications and the involvement of law enforcement, who by the very nature of ...
Borderland Beat
What passes our Border with Mexico! | Narco-Bullit!
By Narco-Bullit!
According to a recent survey of U.S. newspaper The New York Times, in the last four years the armories of Texas has sold more than 60 000 high-powered weapons to gunmen Mexican drug cartels. Enhanced by Zemanta · SHARE. Share this ...
Sipsey Street Irregulars: The Stone Albatross: Assisted Mass ...
By Dutchman6
Holder won't quit — yet — even though he's repeatedly lied to Congress and the American people about the disgusting Justice Department operation that sent a couple of thousand guns to Mexican drug cartels. . . White House and top Justice ...
Sipsey Street Irregulars
Private Gun Sellers - They're Coming For You
By Drover
While the Department of Justice transferred hundreds of guns to Mexican drug cartels without any criminal indictments handed down thus far, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg takes aim at private sellers of firearms who are reportedly ...
The Daily Sheeple
Demand for private security services in Mexico up 40 percent
... in the context of widespread corruption among local law enforcement personnel. Hundreds of Mexican state and local police have been arrested in recent years on charges of collusion with drug cartels and other organized-crime elements. ...
Daily News Headlines | Today's...
Bluegrass Pundit: Negative Opinion of AG Eric Holder Growing
By Bluegrass Pundit
(Rasmussen)- Amidst a House resolution calling for his resignation following a botched operation to investigate Mexican drug cartels, Attorney General Eric Holder's unfavorable marks are at the highest level measured. But more than a third of ...
Bluegrass Pundit
Oh No They Didn't! - Nicole Scherzinger held at gunpoint in Mexico ...
By xherowenxadd
Mexican authorities have apparently confirmed Nicole's car was pulled over by armed law enforcement officers. However, they insist ..... The drug cartels are running various parts of the country and the government can't do anything about it. ...
Oh No They Didn't!
9 Signs of a Covert War Between the U.S. and Iran - Grendel Report
Mexico's Zetas drug cartel to conduct a terrorist bombing in Washington;. The destruction of Iranian nuclear centrifuges by a U.S. computer virus,. known as Stuxnet, and the creation of a cyber warfare unit by Iran to. retaliate;. An unusually high ...
Grendel Report
Obama sided with Mexico |
By admin
Evidently, these “clowns” are fighting for the best interests of Mexico, the best interests of the drug cartels and the best interests of the “Fast and Furious” gun smugglers. My, my, what a circus some will travel with. You must be very proud of ...

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LADDO: Why Would Mexican Drug Cartels Need Hezbollah To ...
Sebastian Rotella has a story out for ProPublica with the blockbuster headline " Government Says Hezbollah Profits From U.S. Cocaine Market Via Link to ...
Mexico Busts Drug Cartels' Private Phone Networks - Topix
The Mexican military has recently broken up several secret telecommunications networks that were built and controlled by drug cartels so they could coordinate ...
Blood Wars, the Latest Immigrant: Mexican Drug Cartels
Where are Ken Starr and people like him when we need them???? WTF is Obama not Impeached right along with that hero promoting injustice - Eric Holder .

Chicago cop helps train 'model police units' in Mexico
Police News
By Frank Main CHICAGO — Two years ago, Chicago Police Detective Oscar Seledon traveled to Mexico to train rookie officers preparing to fight the murderous drug cartels there. His students are now members of Mexico's federal police force. ...
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Testimony: Security breaches rampant at federal lockup downtown
Chicago Sun-Times
... at the federal lockup downtown — including how he was able to get a cell phone smuggled inside and how he got paid by a fellow inmate, a reputed Mexican drug cartel leader, after the kingpin provided information on people the leader wanted killed. ...
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Colombian drug lord extradited to United States by Venezuela
Gant Daily
Police believe Orozco shipped tons of cocaine into the United States with assistance from a Mexican drug cartel. He allegedly concealed the smuggling by using legitimate companies to ship the cocaine. He was turned over to US law enforcement agents ...
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Mexican Cartels Recruit through Newspaper
KTSM News Channel 9
"They're arresting a lot of people that don't have anything to do with the drug war," Hagelsieb said. The people who take these jobs have no idea that they're actually smuggling, which is a plus for Mexican cartels. "They're less nervous when they're ...
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Republicans Propose Bill to Treat Drug Cartels as Terrorists
The Moral Liberal
Calling the situation along the US border a “threat to national security,” a House committee Thursday took up a bill sponsored by Republican congressmen that would treat Mexican drug cartels like terrorists and apply a counterinsurgency strategy to the ...
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The Moral Liberal
Users turning noses up at cocaine
Sydney Morning Herald
The sum total seems to be having an effect on the Mexican cartels that move most of the cocaine across the US border. Cocaine seizures along the border fell 28 per cent between 2006 and 2010. Cartels appear to be adjusting their business model in true ...
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