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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Texas and Mexico Border News - 12.8.2011

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Mexican activist released from hospital
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
Authorities have questioned about 25 people in connection with the shooting in Ciudad Juarez, located across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas, and have a composite drawing of the suspected gunman, a description of the weapon used and information on ...
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News from AP | The Dallas Morning News,
National Guard members along the Texas-Mexico border assist Border Patrol by surveying the terrain from the tower. All major Republican presidential ...
Latina Lista~Texas/Mexico Border: Diciembre 2011 Archives
By Christian Guerrero Borderzine. EL PASO - The number of Latina housewives infected with HIV is increasing in El Paso and the perpetrators are "machos ...

Drug, Human Smuggling, Cartel Shootouts with Police Escalate in ...
“Along the Texas-Mexico border, drug cartels and organized criminal groups have established a robust presence in key strategic areas,” stated the 2006 report, ...
Arrests at the US-Mexican border continue to drop
USA Today
By Alicia A. Caldwell, AP WASHINGTON – Arrests of illegal immigrants along the US border with Mexico are at the lowest level since the Nixon administration, indicating that fewer people are attempting to cross the border to live or work in the United ...
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USA Today
More drones patrolling US-Mexico border
Just across the border sits Puerto Palomas, a Mexican town where Americans used to go — in relative safety — to shop, eat out and seek low-cost medical procedures. But last years things began to change. And then, Cobos said, shocking events began ...
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Mexican, US officials denounce alleged infiltration tactics used by DEA agents
By Rafael Romo, Senior Latin American Affairs Editor (CNN) -- Allegations surrounding a US investigation that may have involved laundering money for Mexican drug cartels are causing concern on both sides of the border. In Mexico, lawmakers say they are ...
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US Says Mexico Tortured American in Custody
Wall Street Journal
The torture allegations, reported in a 2010 Wall Street Journal article, stem from a December 2009 incident in which Mr. Huckabee and his friend Carlos Quijas were arrested while returning home after a day spent across the border. The Mexican military ...
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Wall Street Journal
Securing U.S. border: Good campaign promise which is hard to keep
Salt Lake Tribune
"It's a lot harder physically to get across the border, but it's also more expensive and more dangerous, and you're faced with the prospect of having no job when you get here." Spillover into the US of Mexican drug violence is also difficult to measure ...
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NY Dems unaware of Operation Fast and Furious, confronted by reporter [VIDEO]
Daily Caller
By Matthew Boyle A US Customs and Border Patrol agent patrols along the Arizona-Mexico border wall Sunday, Aug. 15, 2010 in Hereford, Ariz. as participants of the United Border Coalition Tea Party Rally gather along a remote stretch of the ...
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Daily Caller
Obama-Harper Border Deal Raises Privacy Concerns In Canada
Huffington Post
And it likely would be, if the border in question was with Mexico. But when Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper meets with President Obama Wednesday to announce the details of a long-awaited but -- at least in Washington -- little-heralded plan ...
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Saadi Gaddafi planned escape to luxurious home in trendy Punta Mita
National Post
Punta Mita, Mexico, right, a vacationer's paradise that was the intended destination of Saadi Gaddafi, left. After Libyans turned against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in February, his playboy son Saadi made plans to flee to a Mexican beach resort whose ...
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National Post
Arrests at the US-Mexican border continue to drop
Review seeker (press release)
Arrests at the Mexican border drop for sixth year, could push focus to people already in US By The Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) ' Arrests of illegal immigrants along the US border with Mexico are at the lowest level since the Nixon administration, ...
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Grupo Mexico ups outlook for Buenavista mine output
Grupo Mexico runs copper mines in Mexico, Peru and the southwestern United States, and cargo train lines across Mexico. The Buenavista mine near the US-Mexico border reopened last year after a court order ended a three-year-long strike by the national ...

Drug Gangs Hit Javer Bonds by Hurting Home Sales: Mexico Credit
San Francisco Chronicle
A turf dispute between drug traffickers has engulfed parts of northern Mexico, shuttering businesses. While violence pushes some higher-paying jobs out of the region, Javer's biggest problem is the sluggish economy -- not drug cartels, said Javer Chief ...
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Despite Rise of Mexican Groups, Colombians Remain Strong in Central America
InSight Crime
But while the Zetas have been the most visible actors in what Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom has called an “invasion” of Mexican drug gangs, the phenomenon is not limited to the group. The Sinaloa, Tijuana and Gulf cartels are also known to be ...
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Despite army takeover, fear strong in Mexican town
Atlanta Journal Constitution
19, 2010 file photo, a destroyed home sits abandoned in the Casas Geo neighborhood after it was attacked by drug gangs in Ciudad Mier, Mexico. Drug violence forced all the residents of this neighborhood to flee in 2010 and it remains completely ...
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Atlanta Journal Constitution
Mexican city emulates Colombia to keep kids from cartels
Monsters and
Monterrey's Independencia neighborhood, where Francisco lives, is a sprawling, troubled barrio controlled for decades by criminal gangs so dangerous they scared away even the police. Since 2003, experts tell dpa, Mexico's feared Zetas drug cartel has ...
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Mexican municipalities still facing drug related attacks
The municipality of Ecatepec is considered as the New Ciudad Juarez, as daily local newspapers realize the level of violence that occur in this county, kidnapping, femicides, extortions and even executions by drug cartels, linked in most cases by the ...
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Mexico Foils Plan by Qaddafi's Son to Sneak Into Country
San Francisco Chronicle
Poire did not say whether the nation's drug cartels, which in October were linked to an Iranian plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the US, were involved. Al-Saadi, the former dictator's third son, fled to Niger's capital, Niamey, ...
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Drug War-Fighting Fear
Mier sits along a road linking territories controlled by feuding drug gangs, the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel, and it has become an example of Calderon's ”clear and hold” strategy for using troops to suppress violence and restore calm, said Samuel Logan, ...
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Still comfy in Baja
Chicago Tribune
Despite fears of venturing into Mexico because of violence from the government's war on drug cartels, many areas appear as safe as ever. A case in point is the southern Baja Peninsula, particularly between La Paz and the sleepy port of Loreto along the ...
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Chicago Tribune
Drug investigation results in 7 arrests, seizures of firearms
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
"Our agencies' joint efforts combat all facets of transnational crimes, including the smuggling of weapons into Mexico that potentially could be used by drug cartels to support their ongoing criminal enterprises," Ulrich said. ...
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'Sarah Palin' Moment for Mexican Presidential Candidate
International Business Times
The main issue of the 2012 election is Calderon's five-year war against drug cartels which was resulted in 50000 deaths so far. Many Mexicans are sick of Calderon's crackdown, which some feel has made crime and violence worse instead of better. ...
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International Business Times
What Does Sec. of State Clinton Know About Fast and Furious (and El Paso)?
Big Government
According to at least one former DEA official and one “CIA contract pilot,” the weapons were being sold to drug cartel members in Mexico, where they were being stockpiled for use at an unspecified future place and time. And just as I currently think of ...
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Only on 4: Growing Concerns About Crimes Hidden In Forest
KRNV My News 4
The district ranger for the US Forest Service said this topic was too dangerous to go on camera because they're seeing a surge in pot growths possibly run by the Mexican Drug Cartel. She says for the first time they're even moving into the higher ...
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Sons of Anarchy 'To Be (Act 2)' Review: Deus Ex Mexico?
The Star-Ledger -
They've dropped them indiscriminately, and even though most of their victims have been gangland low-level jackos … are you really telling me the American Government is sponsoring murder on US soil, so it can control cartel politics in Mexico? ...
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The Star-Ledger -
Willoughby: Less red tape, more police
Gold Coast Bulletin News
The Mexican government knows this place is important to its national economy and is determined not to let the drug cartels destroy it, as they have in other famous tourist hotspots like Acapulco. Once renowned internationally for its beaches, ...
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Gold Coast Bulletin News
Mexico arrests, deports prominent FARC rebel
Colombia Reports
According to Colombia's National Police, Carlos Ariel Charry Guzman, alias "Carlos," was wanted for extradition after being released from a Mexican prison where he had served an 11-year sentence, also for drug trafficking. Carlos became publicly known ...
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Willoughby: Baja still worth a (fishing) trip
Denver Post
But while a few border town locations such as Ciudad Juarez have suffered the depredation of drug cartels accounting for the majority of negative publicity, after spending the week traveling the length of Mexico's Baja California peninsula, ...
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Rep. Chu Introduces Bill to Drive Economic Opportunity for Entrepreneurs
Insurance News Net (press release)
Chu's Bill to Fight Money Laundering by Cartels Into Law Rep. Judy Chu Applauds Final Passage of DADT Repeal Rep. Chu's Bill to Fight Money Laundering by Drug Cartels Passes Senate , House Rep. Judy Chu Issues Statement on House DADT Vote Rep. ...
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Letter: Was it always this bad?
East Valley Tribune
Homeland Security selling guns to the Mexican drug cartels that kill American Border Patrol agents. A First Lady who all of a sudden, before the 2012 election, remembered the sacrifices of our military families. A President who flies to different ...
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MoneyWalker, The Newt Narrative and Dirty Filthy Obama Gossip
DBKP - Death By 1000 Papercuts
Unless you're one of those conspiracy buffs who believe that the DEA and CIA are behind the drug trade. That couldn't possibly be why so many US government agencies are lending a big helping hand to the Mexican drug cartels these days, could it? ...
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DBKP - Death By 1000 Papercuts
'New Cold War' requires both new and old tactics
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Some weeks before that a complicated Iranian plot emerged on US soil to kill the ambassador from Saudi Arabia, a major regional rival of Iran, by engaging the help of Mexican drug cartels. As if that weren't convoluted enough, a recent report by an ...
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A Western Hemisphere, minus the US
Los Angeles Times
Nor will it help combat the drug cartels and criminal gangs that have spread across Mexico, Guatemala and other parts of Central America. And it's hard to imagine how not having an assistant secretary in place to help push for regional solutions will ...
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Los Angeles Times
Promises, Promises, Unkeepable Promises
Lez Get Real
No matter what the right wing may think, Mexicans are smarter than rabbits. To deal with the increased patrols along the border, the drug cartels are using tunnels. The only way to prevent that would be to create a Xanthian chasm the length of the ...
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Fortinet Reveals Top 8 Security Predictions for 2012
Maximum PC
Case in point, they've recently threatened to unmask Mexican drug cartel members and they recently helped authorities break up a child porn ring. FortiGuard expects to see more examples of “hacktivist” justice meted out throughout 2012 along with a mix ...
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Maximum PC
Confusion is the Enemy of World Peace
Century City News
... probe into DEA after claims the agency helped drug cartels launder money to monitor cash flow, which he says looks like 'same sort of program' as failed gunrunning operation 'Fast and Furious.' American Suspect Tortured In Mexico, US ...Read More. ...
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TV's 10 Best Characters In 2011
The Faster Times
Despite being physically unimposing, he is entirely fearless, killing a Mexican drug cartel's leader with poisoned tequila (which he himself later vomited back up (like ya do (like a BAUS!!)) over a territory dispute. If you've seen the season 4 finale ...
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The Faster Times
Allansford gardener digs deep for kids
Warrnambool Standard
“We don't have drug cartels ... that's where most of these kids have come from.” Mr Ryan's volunteer work will include building fences, working in the garden and taking the children surfing. “I'm taking three of my boards over there and I'll leave them ...
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1000 Places to See Before You Die, Take 2
Travel Weeekly
But it is also no doubt frustrated that the travel world doesn't acknowledge that its drug-cartel era is a thing of the past and recognize it as one of South America's most charming and intoxicating locales, something that anyone who has ever visited ...
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"Obama compares current economy to Great Depression"
CNN (blog)
The good news is that pretty soon we won't have to worry about illegals working here, our kids will have their jobs... and the adults will be looking to cross the border into Mexico, only to find the drug cartel can really protect the border. ...
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Blogs 12 new results for mexican drug cartels
Feds Palling Around With Mexican Cartels | Cato @ Liberty
By Juan Carlos Hidalgo
The purpose was to track the guns all the way to the ultimate buyer—a Mexican drug trafficking organization. Overall, the ATF facilitated the purchase of hundreds of guns by Mexican cartels. Many were later found in crime scenes in Mexico, ...
Cato @ Liberty
And The Hits Keep Coming | Wizbang
By Jay Tea
This is added to what we already knew — that the ATF set up an operation where it not only allowed, but aided and abetted Mexican drug cartels to make what should have been illegal gun purchases, and then made certain those weapons ...
Maybe We Should Stop Selling Guns to Mexico—WAIT WHAT ...
By Ryan Markel
It's a program that some say is worse than the highly-criticized “Fast and Furious” gunrunning scandal, where U.S. agents allowed thousands of weapons to pass from the U.S. to Mexican drug cartels. Oops. Hm. Well, maybe it's just a fluke. ...
Ryan Markel
Mexican, U.S. officials denounce alleged infiltration tactics used by ...
By mexicoinstitute
Allegations surrounding a U.S. investigation that may have involved laundering money for Mexican drug cartels are causing concern on both sides of the border. In Mexico, lawmakers say they are furious and are demanding an investigation. ...
Mexico Institute
By Ruth King
Operation Fast and Furious and other alleged gunwalking operations run out of the Department of Justice have provided thousands of weapons to Mexican drug cartels, which have been traced to the murders of hundreds of Mexican nationals ...
Editorial: 40 year anniversary not to be celebrated | UWIRE
By admin
For an example near to home, more than 35000 people have been killed in the past four years due to violence between the Mexican government and Mexican drug cartels. “Drug lords” and drug cartels will exist as long as money can be made ...
Activist Post: Fight on money laundering coordinated with Mexico: US
By Activist
The Times report on Sunday said anti-narcotics agents working for the US government have laundered or smuggled millions of dollars in drug proceeds to see how the system works and use information against Mexican drug cartels. ...
Activist Post
DEA Laundering Money for Drug Cartels « rjjrdq's America II
By rjjrdq
As Fast and Furious was being ramped up by the Obama regime, at the same time, the DEA was embarking on an operation where where they let drug proceeds from the cartels walk into Mexico. The idea presumably, was to track where the ...
rjjrdq's America II
Jon Huntsman | Operation Fast and Furious | Eric HOlder | The Daily ...
By Matthew Boyle
Huntsman also doubled down on his preference for a stronger diplomatic approach to dealing with Mexican drug cartels, saying America has “got some work to do” with its relationships south of the border. He said America needs a stronger ...
The Daily Caller
Obama Must Cooperate with Congress on Fast and Furious | The ...
By Steve Farrell
Not only did the Justice Department lose hundreds of guns to Mexican drug cartels in an ill-advised and ultimately disastrous gunrunning operation that led to the death of at least one border patrol agent, but there are new allegations that ...
The Moral Liberal
touch of evil - / current issue
Drug cartels of this scale and power do not exist in America, and they can't control cops stateside the way they do in Mexico. He's also seen that Mexico's drug violence has not spilled over to the United States in any significant fashion, and he ...
U.S., Mexico Demands Investigation into Money Laundering ...
By Trish
There are allegations that the United States DEA agents working cases against the Mexican drug cartels have been laundering money. Lawmakers in Mexico want an investigation and a U.S. Congressman wants an inquiry into these ... - Latest Technology,...

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Credit Where It's Due: CBS Discovers US Arming Mexican Drug ...
Credit Where It's Due: CBS Discovers US Arming Mexican Drug Cartels In New ... +It%27s+Due%3A+CBS+Discovers+US+Arming+Mexican+Drug+Cartels+In+ ...
DEA Laundering Money For Mexican Drug Cartels - YouTube
The USA is responsible for the drug trade coming through Mexico. You want to fix it? Get all ...
U.S. Agents Laundering Mexican Drug Cartel Profits « The Devout ...
U.S. Agents Laundering Mexican Drug Cartel Profits. According to current and former federal law enforcement officials undercover American narcotics agents ...
US launders money for Mexican drug gangs Josue Gonzalez/ Reuters Published: December 3, 2011 WASHINGTON — Undercover American. - DEA Laundering Money For Mexican Drug Cartels
DEA Laundering Money For Mexican Drug Cartels. December 07, 2011 CNN http :// Loading the player ... Item Info; Embed & Links. Added: 2 ...

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