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Monday, January 02, 2012

Book Review; "Cartel - The Coming Invasion of Mexico's Drug Wars" - Sylvia Longmire

As we move into 2012, "America's Third War" rages only miles from me, my family and friends.  South Texas has become a war zone no one wishes to talk about.  I've been posting "Texas/Mexico Border News" for quite some time now, had my hand "virtually slapped" by Cartel zappers, but I continue in an effort to keep people informed on what is actually going on here in South Texas.  

People are dying, firefights across the Rio Grande on a daily basis and Texas residents actually losing ranches and other properties to the Cartels as move to "safe haven" here in the United States.  I ran across Sylvia's blog this evening, and found it extremely insightful and informative on what is actually going on.  Pick up a copy of her book, "Cartel" and leave a review or comments in the section below.
 Ms. Longmire is a [medically] retired Air Force captain and former Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. During her eight years with AFOSI, she conducted numerous criminal investigations and worked extensively in the fields of counterintelligence, counterespionage, and force protection. During her last assignment, Ms. Longmire worked at HQ AFOSI as the Latin America desk officer, analyzing issues in the US Southern Command area of responsibility that might affect the security of deployed Air Force personnel. From Dec 2005-Jul 2009, Sylvia worked as a senior intelligence analyst for the California state fusion center and the California Emergency Management Agency's Situational Awareness Unit, focusing almost exclusively on Mexican drug trafficking organizations and southwest border violence issues. For the last six years, she has regularly lectured on… Read more

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Read Ms. Longmire's Blog on the Mexican Drug War HERE.
This review is from: Cartel: The Coming Invasion of Mexico's Drug Wars (Hardcover)
CARTEL certainly opened my eyes to the pervasive and dangerous drug threat facing all U.S. residents, not just those near our national borders, large cities and major urban areas. This book was a seriously needed wake-up call for a small-town girl from the Midwest. These threats have managed to creep into America's "heartland" -- areas I previously thought were "safe" from, or even immune to, powerful, manipulative and bloody Mexican cartels. The things depicted in movies like "BLOW" and "Traffic" are actually happening in every stitch of America's fabric. While I am glad to be enlightened, I pray for all those who fight every day to keep that fabric from unraveling. An excellent, must-read! ~Alana Casanova via Amazon

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