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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Texas and Mexico Border News - 1.1.2012

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Reporting from inside Mexico Blog


Missing Woman Found in Mexico
NBC San Diego
With that info, the family searched the border town on Friday. Then on Saturday morning they found Lopez at the Central Bus Terminal in Tijuana cold, dehydrated, and hungry. Lopez's family said she crossed the border into Mexico in search of her ...
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Indie Focus: Gerardo Naranjo's 'Miss Bala'
Los Angeles Times
The director cast Stephanie Sigman as a beauty queen caught up with drug traffickers in Mexico's foreign-language film Oscar submission. Actors Stephanie Sigman, Gael Garcia Bernal, director Gerardo Naranjo and actor Diego Luna at the Toronto ...
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Los Angeles Times
REGION: New law bans sale of animals on public property
North County Times
Puppy smuggling into San Diego County from across the US-Mexico border is a common problem, added Dawn Danielson, director of the county animal services agency. Animal officials noted that animals sold in parking lots and along roads are often bred in ...
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George Clooney and Stacy Keibler Continue Their Cabo Time With Pals (blog)
He and Stacy have been in Mexico for more than a week, soaking up the south of the border sun with famous buddies like Cindy, Rande, and even ARod. Stacy also tweeted that her family was on hand in Mexico to celebrate the holidays alongside her and her ...
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Coachella Valley cities face highs, lows in 2011
The Desert Sun
The agency installed a heavy gate to close the top of one of the Coachella Valley's most popular hiking trails, the Bump and Grind near the Palm Desert-Rancho Mirage border. Hiking enthusiasts rebelled, starting a Facebook page that gained hundreds of ...
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in Mexico lake is Colorado man ... page Wednesday night that he found a dead body on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake, which is on the Texas-Mexico border. ...
Remains Found at U.S. Border Lake Where American Was Reported ...
A professional fisherman found the skeletal remains on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake on the Texas-Mexico border, according to multiple reports. The skeleton ...
Armored Gun Boats on the Rio Grande - The Texas Observer
"Officers have been fired upon by cartels while trying to interdict drug loads along the Texas-Mexico border," writes DPS. "Our marine assists will be used to ...

Immigration issue ignites passion
The News-Press
Does not favor amnesty for illegal immigrants, supports an e-verify system, wants to require that English is the country's official language, suggests using the National Guard to patrol the United States-Mexico border and would let citizen boards to ...
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New fencing doesn't stop illegal crossings
Daily Herald
With most of the remaining unfenced stretch of border in Texas, the debate has shifted to the question of walling off the Rio Grande. Even in areas where the river can be shallow enough to wade across, putting a fence along the river's sinuous levees ...
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Perry shifts focus from jobs to Job
Washington Times
... asked Mr. Perry about his support of legislation allowing undocumented immigrants who live in Texas to obtain in-state tuition rates—questions that he turned into a chance to rail on the federal government's struggles in securing the Mexico border ...
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Washington Times
Media With A Mission : KRWG dedicated to connecting with the community
Las Cruces Sun-News
By Janet Perez Glen Cerny is the director of university broadcasting at New Mexico State University. He oversees the operations of public media stations KRWG-TV and KRWG-FM. LAS CRUCES - With a bad economy and being in congressional ...
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Bryan Brasher: 2011 in review -- Floods tough on wildlife
Memphis Commercial Appeal
They make their summer homes in the mountainous areas of the northwestern United States and spend their winters south of the border in Mexico. Its surprise showing in Holly Springs created quite a buzz and drew hundreds of birding enthusiasts eager for ...
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Mariana Montero - UTPA Blogs - The University of Texas-Pan ...
By jhescobar
Last summer Montero traveled with the Latino Theatre Initiative to Chicago and New York City where they performed the documentary theatre piece “Crawling with Monsters” about the recent acts of violence in the Texas-Mexico border and its ...
Profile in Excellence
bookish: Blood Meridian: or The Evening Redness in the West, by ...
By Inverarity
Based on historical events that took place on the Texas-Mexico border in the 1850s, it traces the fortunes of the Kid, a fourteen-year-old Tennessean who stumbles into the nightmarish world where Indians are being murdered and the market ...
Falcon Lake: Bones of Slain American Jet Skier Found? | Bogobogo
By admin
Skeletal remains found in a lake on the Texas-Mexico border are being tested to see if they belong to the American was allegedly shot by Mexican drug cartel members there last year. The widow of David Hartley, Tiffany Hartley, told police the ...

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Many Texas residents cross Mexican border to obtain health ... - AHRQ
Online newsletter summarizing published findings from AHRQ-funded studies, new AHRQ publications and products, and funding opportunities.
Mexico Violence Separates Families on Christmas
Posted by: Living in Fear Location: BRYAN on Dec 25, 2011 at 06:15 PM. http:// ...

War On Drug Cartels In Mexico: Who's Winning?
The murders have skyrocketed ever since President Calderon in 2006 declared a war on the two main drug cartels. In 2011 alone, homicides numbered more than 3000, or eight murders a day, making Juarez the murder capital of the world and Mexico's saddest ...
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Mexico says arrests weapons chief for drug cartel
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico on Saturday said that it had arrested a leading weapons smuggler for one of the largest drug cartels. Ramiro Rendon Rivera, a key distributor of firearms for the Sinaloa Cartel lead by Joaquin "Shorty" Guzman, ...
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Treasury Targets Key Panama-based Money Laundering Operation Linked to Mexican ...
VAdvert Press Center (press release)
... exposing a significant international money laundering network, forcing them out of the international financial system, and undermining their ability to launder drug money through a global support network for the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels. ...
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Mexico Meth Production Extended To Guatemala
Huffington Post
E. EDUARDO CASTILLO and SONIA PEREZ 12/31/11 03:45 PM ET AP MEXICO CITY — Mexico's powerful Sinaloa drug cartel appears to be extending its massive production of methamphetamine into neighboring Guatemala, as hundreds of tons of precursor chemicals ...
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Arms Distributor for Pacific Cartel Arrested in Mexico
Latin American Herald Tribune
Rendon, 45, was arrested Friday by Federal Police for his suspected role in smuggling into the country firearms and ammunition for the Pacific cartel, the oldest drug cartel in Mexico. The crime organization, also known as the Sinaloa cartel, ...
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Latin American Herald Tribune
The Times' 2012 wish list
Los Angeles Times
For an end to the bloodletting in Mexico. Some 45000 people have died since 2006, when President Felipe Calderon launched his war on drugs. Mexican cartels sell the drugs and Americans consume them. Both countries must agree on a solution. ...
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Los Angeles Times
The newsmakers of 2011
Aspen Times
With the bust, the DEA said it had dismantled a drug trafficking ring that had run cocaine between Aspen and Los Angeles for 15 years, and by doing so had helped fuel Mexican drug cartels. The indictment says that from July 2010 through April, ...
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Top news stories for 2011
San Antonio Express
Mexico's drug war grows more brutal: Thousands more were killed in 2011 as Mexico's drug cartels fought for control. Many victims were beheaded, and hundreds were found in mass graves. One of the victims was US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent ...
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Most-wanted drug traffickers captured, $5 million US bounty
Bulawayo24 (press release) (blog)
by Moyo Roy Mexican authorities on Wednesday announced the capture of suspected drug kingpin Luis Rodriguez Olivera, a key Sinaloa cartel operative who had a $5 million US bounty on his head. Federal police nabbed Rodriguez Olivera, alias "El Guero," ...
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Mixing adventure with charm
Chicago Sun-Times
And it's no secret the sunny vacation spot has suffered a financial hit since two major cruise lines stopped docking there because of warnings issued by the United States urging Americans to avoid several Mexican cities known for drug cartel-related ...
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Instead of the merciless wrath of a Mexican drug cartel, he'll instead have to face the equal or greater vengeance of one Coach Paul Johnson. He's killed before and will kill again, possibly in the middle of a football game. Consider this your gateway ...
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Phoenix Mart tops area stories for 2011
TriValley Central
Later in the year, a shootout in the Western Manor neighborhood that was believed to involve persons involved with rival Mexican drug cartels resulted in two men being killed. 3 ECONOMIC TRICKLE-DOWN: Government shortfalls resulting from the recession ...
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Play mas with your medals
Trinidad & Tobago Express
If we take Mexico's police officers and soldiers as an example, they can claim to be involved in a "war", since the drug cartels there are violent in the extreme. Many officers and their families have been wiped out as they tried to restore normalcy to ...
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An Anonymous Year
Voice of America (blog)
... the civic unrest on the streets and online, moved to attacks on the US government for various reasons, then to corporate titans such as Sony, in support of the “Occupy Wall Street” movements around the world, and the bloody Mexican drug cartels. ...
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Voice of America (blog)
The Best and Worst Reality TV Shows of 2011: THR Year in Review
Hollywood Reporter
On Bordertown: Laredo, A&E's gripping look at the rise of Mexican drug cartel smuggling into the US, the Hispanic detectives in Texas fighting on the front lines feel right out of a Cormac McCarthy novel. Thanks to Mob Wives, VH1's gritty version of ...
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Hollywood Reporter
Top Ten Things Obama and Liberals Have Accomplished
The Right Sphere
Attorney General Eric Holder and the DOJ through the BATF put 2000 guns in the hands of Mexican drug cartel members which have been used in more than 180 violent crimes including the murder of a US Government agent. There are still 1400 unrecovered ...
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Will 2012 be any better than 2011?
American Thinker (blog)
Can Mexico successfully battle the drug cartels and prevent the violence from increasing in America? And what about China's economy and the real estate bubble that is just now beginning to burst? As for America, can Obama survive the worst economy in ...
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Chronology of news events in 2011
MSN Money
—US officials accuse agents of the Iranian government of being involved in a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States, with help from a purported member of a Mexican drug cartel. — Europe's biggest banks must raise billions of ...
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Happy New Year: Mexican Drug Cartels Resolve To Increase Meth ...
By BitterQueen
Degenerate meth heads in the United States have good reason to celebrate the new year. 2012 promises to be a banner year in meth supply as the powerful Sinalo cartel headed by Forbes-listed billinoaire Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is ...
Friends of Ours
Borderland Beat: Mexico's drugs war: Lessons and challenges
By Buggs
For the past five years, Mexico has been engaged in a bloody confrontation with drug gangs. Mexican political scientist Eduardo Guerrero Gutierrez looks at how the struggle is going and the implications for Mexico's presidential election in ...
Borderland Beat
Drug Cartels Leave Horrific Scenes On Mexican Highways ...
By NewsDesk - Christer Ornestad
MEXICO: A wave of killings by cocaine drug cartels left lots of dead people strewn all over roads and highways in Mexico in the continuation of the brutal drug war waged between drug barons. - Rss Feed – Items in channel ...
MyPress.SE - Universal News Agency
The Perfectly Lazy Blog: Logical Fallacies: The Broad Brush
By lazyperfectionist1
Mexican drug cartels have a practice of covertly planting cocaine fields in sparsely-populated, seldom traveled parts of the United States near our southern border. Critics describe this as "what those Mexicans are doing now," as if all Mexicans ...
The Perfectly Lazy Blog
War On Drug Cartels In Mexico: Who's Winning? |
By marketmaker
War On Drug Cartels In Mexico: Who's Winning? Sun, 01/01/2012 - 04:11 EDT story from Cathy Scott. Producer and director Charlie Minn tells audiences at the end of his thought-provoking documentary??8 Murders A Day to spread the word ... - Market News & Analysis

Web 1 new result for mexican drug cartels
Happy New Year: Mexican Drug Cartels Resolve To Increase Meth ...
More than 200 people, including U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, have been murdered by guns supplied to the Mexican drug cartels by the United States ...

Wildlife: Border fences more effective against wildlife than illegal immigrants
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Along the US-Mexico border, it's a different story. Walls and fences that stretch intermittently along the nearly 2000-mile international border are intended to keep illegal immigrants out of the United States. Based on news reports, ...
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Their View: Believing in our border
Silver City Sun News
Susana Martinez, New Mexico's border region is again one of the fastest growing and dynamic along the US-Mexico border. The Santa Teresa Port of Entry, established in 1993 under Gov. Bruce King and funded by a resolute Sen. Pete Domenici, was one of ...
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Acting Commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection: Who Is David Aguilar?
Aguilar joined the United States Border Patrol in June 1978 at Laredo, Texas, where he served as first line supervisor, Assistant Patrol Agent in Charge and Patrol Agent in Charge. From January 1988 to August 1996, Aguilar served as Patrol Agent in ...
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Top Ten: Obama Administration switches border security strategy
Houston Chronicle (blog)
In a new US-Mexico border security strategy, the Obama Administration is opting for fewer 'boots on the ground.' 1. The Obama Administration switched up their strategy on manning the US-Mexico border for the start of the new election year in a new ...
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Houston Chronicle (blog)
The southwest border patrol
Washington Post
Before 2006, there were 136 miles of fence along the 1969-mile border between the US and Mexico. Today, that figure has grown to 649 miles of fencing. Real related article. Source: US Border Patrol. The Washington Post. Published on December 31, 2011, ...
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