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Monday, January 02, 2012

Texas and Mexico Border News - 1.2.2012

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Reporting from inside Mexico Blog

Border Violence Analysis Blog - Sylvia Longmire


Colombian president welcomes death of drug lord
Colombian police killed the leader of a powerful drug cartel that supplied tonnes of cocaine to Mexican gangs. Police killed Juan de Dios Usuga, the head of the Urabenos criminal gang in the northwestern department of Choco, near the border with Panama ...
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Texas gangs have evolving relationship with cartels
San Antonio Express
Laredo police spokesman Joe Baeza said that two criminal cases involving the Zetas and US prison gangs in the past few years, cartel members who knew gang members organized the targeted killings. Mexican drug cartels are increasingly relying on prison ...
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Holding the United States Accountable
Honduras Weekly
The invasion of Honduras by Mexican drug cartels such as the Sinaloa and the Zetas is a major reason for the huge spike in murders and violence in the country since 2007 -- the second year of the Zelaya administration. The invasion was, at least in ...
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Award-winning prosecutor goes after drug cases
Recently, she has been involved in cases targeting drug trafficking among local gang members and suspects with ties to Mexican drug cartels. Barrett spoke with The San Diego Union-Tribune about her career and the significance of being honored in ...
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End of the Pro-Democracy Pretense
Leaving aside the fact that this Quds-Force/Mexican-drug-cartel/Saudi-Ambassador assassination plot was so facially absurd as to be laughable, and further leaving aside that these neocon fantasies of Hezbollah running wild in Latin America have been ...
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Nearly 1600 kidnapping victims in Mexico rescued in 5 years
Upfront News
The report also showed that three out of ten people arrested by the federal police, accused of belonging to gangs of kidnappers, are directly related to criminal groups engaged in drug trafficking. Of the 527 people accused of kidnapping and having ...
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He explained how following his deportation after serving a prior illegal reentry sentence, he moved his family to Mexico despite safety concerns stemming from drug cartel violence in his region of Mexico. When his wife became pregnant and complications ...
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Don Polson - The way I see it: Realignment: Needs 2nd Amend't response?
Red Bluff Daily News
... from the start, to effect the placement of illegally transferred weapons, purchased from American gun shops, into Mexican drug cartel hands, to provide a fabricated pretext for pushing tighter restrictions on those same border area gun shops, ...
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No. 1 (Monitor's Top Stories of 2011)
Zapata's death was the first slaying of a US federal agent by Mexican drug traffickers since 1985, when Drug Enforcement Administration agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena's remains were found in a shallow grave in Michoacán state. ...
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49 Kidnappings Per Day Occurred in Mexico in 2011
Latin American Herald Tribune
About one-third of the kidnappers arrested by the Federal Police, according to official figures, have links to drug cartels. The CLDH, which was founded in 1991, provides assistance to kidnapping and extortion victims, and works to root out corruption ...
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Latin American Herald Tribune
In brief: Police report 16 homicides in El Paso in 2011
El Paso Times
Nationally, Mexico has had 51918 homicides since President Felipe Calderón announced a crackdown against drug cartels. Guzman have waged a bloody battle for control of the Juárez-El Paso smuggling corridor. An El Paso woman was arrested Saturday in ...
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Tony Cesare: New Traditions
In fact, aside from the frantic call to poison control (yes, they work holidays), the blood dripping down the dining room walls and the shoot-out with that Mexican drug cartel, I thought Thanksgiving went great. My turkey was worthy of a Better Homes ...
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The biggest little story of 2011
Daily Caller
The substance of the call concerned a possible FBI cover-up, the appointment of a special prosecutor and other recent developments in the Department of Justice's program, which allowed guns to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, resulting in ...
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Top 20 must-see movies of 2012
Director Oliver Stone looks set to restore his credibility (badly injured after last year's sequel to his 1987 Wall Street original) with this gritty pearl about a couple of young marijuana growers who face off against the Mexican drug cartel after ...
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How Scary Was the Internet in 2011?
All Things Digital
The prospect of body bags and real-world violence during a confrontation with Mexican drug cartels, however, did. Yet for all the headlines they garnered and the headaches they caused, the LulzSec/Anonymous/AntiSec gang wasn't anywhere near the ...
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Ayston author has first book published
Rutland Times
Then he discovers his financial backers are a front for the world's largest organised crime group, the Mexican Caruana drug cartel. Martin is already working on his second book and his plans do not stop there. He said: “Already, I have plans for my ...
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Rutland Times
Murders in El Salvador rose nine percent last year
Reuters AlertNet
Fifty percent of homicides are committed by the "maras," who are strongly linked to the retail drug trade and often operate under the orders of the Mexican cartels, the PNC said. (Reporting by Hugo Sanchez; editing by Todd Eastham)
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McClatchy blog: Mexico Unmasked
By Tim Johnson
As the FreightWatch International logistics security firm noted, Mexican drug cartels know that tunnels aren't as useful for moving drugs as trucks, particularly rigs that are integral to global manufacturers and are cleared under the voluntary ...
Mexico Unmasked
Infidel Bloggers Alliance
By midnight rider
The Washington Post's study of murder statistics for 2010 gave Honduras the dubious top position: "Honduras had the highest per-capita murder rate in 2010 as Mexican drug cartels expanded smuggling networks into Central America. ...
Infidel Bloggers Alliance
A Few 2012 Predictions « Steven Birn Speaks
By Steven
As though Republicans don't have legitimate cause to be outraged that the Attorney General did nothing while the ATF was selling illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels which have resulted in 200 plus Mexican deaths and the death of one ...
Steven Birn Speaks
By mideastmag
U.S. officials say the Quds Force was behind the alleged plot to hire Mexican drug gangs to assassinate a Saudi diplomat in Washington. “For Iran to be so active in Venezuela and for the Quds Force to be there can only suggest Iran is serious ...
The Middle East Magazine
100% El sicario: Room 164 | Wrhel Consulting and Design
By admin
In an anonymous motel room on the U.S./Mexico border, a Ciudad Juárez hitman speaks. He has killed hundreds of people and is an expert in torture and kidnapping. He was simultaneously on the payroll of the Mexican drug cartels and a ...
Wrhel Consulting and Design

Rights report: Mexican feds tortured 5 men detained in killings of 2 agents ...
Washington Post
MEXICO CITY — Mexican human rights authorities say five men detained in the killings of two agents and a car-bomb attack in Ciudad Juarez were tortured by federal police to confess their roles in the crimes. The National Human Rights Commission said ...
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Lauren Sanchez: Cabo Bikini Beauty
The Gossip Girls
She's certainly been blessed with enviable genes, as 42-year-old Lauren Sanchez showed off her svelte bikini body while vacationing in Mexico over the holiday weekend. The TV news anchor donned a skimpy and colorful two piece swimsuit as she kept a ...
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Letter: GOP not perfect, but check out Obama
Naples Daily News
Obama's domestic policies have increased our debt by $4 trillion (and counting), green energy debacles (Solyndra, EnerDel, Fisker, Tesla), missing guns sent to Mexico, and no control of the border, to name a few. Obama and Secretary of State Hillary ...
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Under-Appreciated Lowlights of 2011
Surely that meant that Pakistani leaders had started to counter US complaints about the flow of militants and weapons across their frontiers into Afghanistan with reminders that Washington hasn't secured its own border with Mexico. ...
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Man leads police on chase through downtown Downey, crashes
Downey Beat
On Monday morning at the scene of the crash, a stack of papers left at the scene said a person's car and cell phone had recently been seized at the Mexico/US border crossing at San Ysidro after agents found 40 pounds of marijuana inside the car. ...
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Celebrating New Year's 2012
Washington Post
Family members raise their hands to receive the first sun rays of 2012 in Cancun, Mexico. Israel Leal / AP A riflemen corps fires gun salutes to welcome the new year in Villingen-Schwenningen in the Black Forest of southern Germany. ...
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Obama's record won't help him in November
Buffalo News
Fast and Furious: The continuing coverup of the Justice Department program to release 2200 deadly weapons into the United States and Mexico, one of which killed a Border Patrol agent in 2010. 13. Iraq: Leaving without a friendly regime in place, ...
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Buffalo News
Reelection Campaigns Likely To Stall Telecom Legislation
Broadcasting & Cable
and the National Association of Broadcasters a better answer on how the border issues with Canada and Mexico will be resolved, allowing for enough spectrum for continued broadcast TV service in cities such as Detroit and Buffalo. ...
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Space dust shoots across NM sky
... weekend about a bright light shooting across the west mesa. A local expert says it appears to be a small piece of space dust that entered the atmosphere above New Mexico and then shot across toward the Arizona border. Space dust shoots across NM sky.
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Ecuador deploys more troops against Colombian illegal groups
InSight Crime
Ecuador has sent another 10000 more troops to the border with Colombia, hoping to close down room for maneuver for Colombian rebels and paramilitary groups, which use the country to move drug shipments, gain logistic support and launder money. ...
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Welcome to 2012 -- Fasten Your Seatbelts
American Spectator
Criminal paramilitary drug gangs in Mexico will continue to roil that nation's daily life and its government, with murder and mayhem spilling across the US's southern border. According to Forbes, the town of Ciudad Juarez, not far from El Paso, ...
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USMexico Border: The Coyote – OpEd
Eurasia Review
From Hold the Line in 1993 to the Secure Border Initiative of 2006, a myriad of programs have added up, increasing the number of personnel, the miles of fences, and the newest technology concentrated along the US Mexico Border. ...
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Bank Approves Millions for USA-Mexico Border Area Projects
The Board of Directors of the North American Development Bank (NADB) has approved more than US$136 million in new financing for environmentally-related initiatives on both sides of the US-Mexico border. In an announcement last month, ...
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Colombian drug lord wanted by US for supplying tonnes of cocaine to Mexican ...
Daily Mail
... wanted by the US for supplying tonnes of cocaine to Mexican gangs, was leader of the powerful Urabenos cartel and had a $2.5 million bounty on his head. A team of 150 officers stormed the house, in the northwest area of Choco near the border of ...
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Daily Mail
Activists say Washington holds key to ending drug war in Mexico
Deutsche Welle
This fiscal year, the amount of drugs coming from Mexico seized by US border agents increased by 48 percent. But the war has come at a terrible price to Mexicans, killing more than 45000, displacing 230000 and exposing the state's corruption and ...
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Halfway marine protection measure launched in California
Red, Green, and Blue
So-called marine protected areas (MPAs), created under the leadership of a big oil lobbyist, went into effect today, January 1, in Southern California ocean waters from Point Conception in Santa Barbara County to the US/Mexico border. ...
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