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~William Penn

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Today's Texas Quick Pick - Whiskey Logic - Texas ~ 1.5.2012

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"Skynrd meets Zepplin".... the sound is Skynrd....
and the short, to the point lyrics remind me of Zep.
Just my opinion.  Let us know what you think in the comments below."  Jeff/TOR

Today's Texas Quick Pick
THE FLIPSIDE ALBUM IS finally FINISHED!  Whiskey Logic's Debut Album produced by David Percefull is back from mastering is available for immediate download here and should be available on CD and by digital download on iTunes, Rhapsody, etc. by the end of the year.  After several months of recording to make sure this album is perfect, the band is currently booking and getting ready to hit the road to tour the new album.  The band celebrated last weekend in Austin at Yellow DOG Studios deciding track order and hanging out.  The rest of their time was spent celebrating the completion of the album and taking photos for the album.  We look forward to seeing you in your town soon!

Genres: Country / Southern Rock / Country Rock
Label: Indie
Management: Mark Caleb Randolph
We are a Southern Rock/Outlaw Country band with a heavy focus on guitar.  The permanent members of Whiskey Logic are Mark Caleb Randolph (lead vocals,rhythm guitar, and Harmonica), Edward Scott (lead guitar), and Bruce Hancock (drums).  Whiskey Logic write and play our own original songs with the exception of a few selected cover songs that we love and put our own spin on.  What sets WL apart from the rest of the pack is our energy.  At the end of a show, we want our fans to feel like they just played the show.  We give the fans what they want and we give it to them LOUD! 


  1. Whiskey Logic has a sound we have all been waiting for! Finally some kick ass music! They are gonna be huge!

  2. THANK GOD!!! somebody is breaking the mold again GREAT SONGS can't wait to see the live show!!!!