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Sunday, February 05, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: 10th Annual Texas Music Awards - Nominees Named


- For Immediate Release - January 21, 2011

Payline Productions / Texas Music AwardsTM / Academy of Texas Music, Inc.
P.O. Box 148
Linden, Texas 75563
Contacts: Lucky Boyd – Jinelle Boyd - 1-866-49-TEXAS
Nominees named for 10th annual awards show; voting has begun

LINDEN, TX – The Academy of Texas Music, Inc. released the list of official nominees for the 10th annual Texas Music AwardsTM in a worldwide Facebook event this week.

Lucky Boyd, President of the Academy of Texas Music, Inc. was given the distinct honor of officially posting the list of nominees to the Texas Music Awards organization page on Facebook on Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.

Boyd remarked, "This is such an exciting time for the Texas music-loving public and the musicians who create that music...being able to reach an unlimited number of fans around the globe was quite a thrill. And being able to personally watch the responses from Facebook visitors was exceptional."
Jinelle Boyd, Executive Director of the Academy of Texas Music, Inc. prefaced each announcement with a few statements about eligibility and criteria, while Academy Publicity Crew Chief Bill Smith offered additional comments.

Voting is also now open for the public at and will continue until January 31st.

The awards show, is presented by, the retail partner of the Texas Music AwardsTM and the show’s production company, Payline Productions.

The annual event also serves as a fundraiser for the non-profit Academy of Texas Music, Inc. which seeks sponsorships and donations to further its efforts toward music education programs, scholarships, recognition projects, and benevolence programs for musicians in need.

Jinelle Boyd, who is also the Producer of the Texas Music AwardsTM explains how important this process is to the nominees.

”These outstanding artists need something to bring them recognition for their regional success and help them gain the national attention they deserve. Even though some of our nominees are already quite popular in the music world, the Texas Music AwardsTM serve to give many of the newer artists a stepping stone to bigger and better things.”

One recipient in each category will hold the award title for the next year based on a complex voting system. The voting process includes a public involvement component, and interested fans are encouraged to visit the Texas Music AwardsTM website to learn more about the voting process which is now open and continues through midnight on Tuesday, January 31st. Fans can listen to clips of music by all the nominees and can hear the tracks in their entirety for five Song of the Year nominees, ten Record of the Year nominees, and the five Popular Cover Award nominees prior to voting.

“The public vote is important,” says Boyd, “because it proves that the artists have a connection with their fans, but the bulk of the voting is done by the Academy Board of Honorees. This group of past award recipients casts 70% of the ballots which decide who gets the award in eleven of the fifteen categories. This year’s recipients will be added to the Board of Honorees. This is how we insure that the awards are more about the music and less of a simple popularity contest.”

Boyd continues, "There is however, a popular element to the Texas Music AwardsTM. Six of the eighteen categories are decided by the public vote. The Live Band award and all the radio awards are decided in that fashion. These results will tell fans who really is leading the charge in Texas music."
Two new award categories have been added this year and several founder awards will also be presented, including only the third-ever Lifetime Achievement Award, which will go to Joe 'King' Carrasco.

Sponsorships are available for the 10th annual awards show which will be held at the Texas Music Barn, the venue inside the World Headquarters of the Academy of Texas Music, Inc., 301 East Houston Street, in Linden, Texas.
Sponsors are important in order to raise the needed funds to fulfill the Academy's mission. It's also "the best marketing opportunity in Texas Music", Jinelle Boyd added.

More than a dozen performers will be showcased at the show between award presentations.

For more information on voting, the awards, or sponsorships, visit

A list of the 2012 nominees appears below:

Brant Lee Croucher for vocal performance on OLD DENTON ROADS by Brant Lee Croucher (Cypress, Texas)
Dave Fenley for vocal performance on A MINUTE TO BREATHE by Dave Fenley & The Good Deal (Fredericksburg, Texas)
Sammy Fox for vocal performance on THE INTERVENTION EP by Sammy Fox and the Intervention (Fort Worth, Texas)
Justin Haigh for vocal performance on PEOPLE LIKE ME by Justin Haigh (Austin, Texas)
Ryan Murphey for vocal performance on NEW OLD SONG by Ryan Murphey (Austin, Texas)

Cori Lynn for vocal performance on MAKE IT EASY FOR ME by Cori Lynn (Fort Worth, Texas)
Lou Ann Petty for vocal performance on I'M FALLING by Lou Ann Petty (Commerce, Texas)
Courtney Reed for vocal performance on SOMEWHERE DOWN THIS ROAD by Courtney Reed (Llano, Texas)
Pauline Reese for vocal performance on JUST GETTING STARTED by Pauline Reese (Marble Falls, Texas)
Kathy Street for vocal performance on THEN AND NOW by Byrd & Street (Austin, Texas)

Art & Lisa for vocal performances on HEALIN' TIME by Art & Lisa (Bandera, Texas)
Atwood-Childs for vocal performances on TRADING PAINS by Atwood-Childs (Burnet, Texas)
Byrd & Street for vocal performances on THEN AND NOW by Byrd & Street (Austin, Texas)
ShAnnie for vocal performances on THE STATION by ShAnnie (Fredericksburg, Texas)
The Better Halves for vocal performances on Tête-à-Tête by The Better Halves (Austin, Texas)

Brad Dunn & Ellis County for vocal performances on RANCH CAT by Brad Dunn & Ellis County (Austin, Texas)
Dave Fenley & The Good Deal for vocal performances on A MINUTE TO BREATHE by Dave Fenley & The Good Deal (Fredericksburg, Texas)
Jeff Keith Band for vocal performances on LOST IN TEXAS by Jeff Keith Band (Fredericksburg, Texas)
Scotty Thurman & The Perfect Trouble Band for vocal performances on GOOD TO SEE YOU by Scotty Thurman & The Perfect Trouble Band (Whitesboro, Texas)
Sugar Bayou for vocal performances on LUCKY LIFE by Sugar Bayou (Houston, Texas)

Alex Smith & The 2 Car Garage (Palestine, Texas)
Brad Boyer (Houston, Texas)
Cody Rowe (Austin, Texas)
Jerry Martin (San Antonio, Texas)
Jonathan Jeter & The Revelators (Greenville, Texas)

Rick Boss, harmonica for his performance on ROADWORTHY (Mark Searcy Band) (Boerne, Texas)
Chris Reeves, guitar for his performance on A GOOD YEAR FOR BEER (Chris Reeves) (Austin, Texas)
Shawn Scheller, guitar for his performance on GOOD TO SEE YOU (Scotty Thurman & The Perfect Trouble Band) (Whitesboro, Texas)
Davey Schrank, multiple instruments for his performance on A MINUTE TO BREATHE (Dave Fenley & The Good Deal) (Fredericksburg, Texas)
Coby Tate, guitar for his performance on THERE IS NO FUN IN FUNERAL (Ben Morris & The Great American Boxcar Chorus) (College Station, Texas)

Brad Davis multiple instruments for his performance on I'M FALLING (Lou Ann Petty)
Michael Douchette multiple instruments for his performance on COUNTRY BLUES AND STORY SONGS (Bill Reid)
John Inmon multiple instruments for his performance on THE STATION (ShAnnie)
Jack Saunders multiple instruments for his performance on THE WHITE CAT SESSIONS (Leslie Krafka)
Chad Ware multiple instruments for his performance on I SAT DOWN AND WROTE YOU A SONG (Brad Boyer)

Tommy Detamore/Clint Martin for the album LAST OF A DYING BREED (Clint Martin)
John Inmon for the album THE STATION (ShAnnie)
Justin Pollard for the album JUST GETTING STARTED (Pauline Reese)
Mark Searcy for the album ROADWORTHY (Mark Searcy Band)
Greg White for the album MISS UNDERSTOOD (The Kat Moore Band)

Aubrey Lynn & Yellow Rose (McKinney, Texas)
Backseat Molly (Palestine, Texas)
Ben Morris & The Great American Boxcar Chorus (College Station, Texas)
Push Water Band (Jewett, Texas)
Sammy Fox & The Intervention (Fort Worth, Texas)

"Evergreen" off TIGHTROPE (Susan Gibson) Susan Gibson, Michael Hearne, Monica Smart, Songwriters (Wimberley, Texas)
"Glad We Did" off 100 DEGREES IN THE SHADE (Anson Carter) Anson Carter & Michael Bowen, Songwriters (Houston, Texas)
"Love Drunk" off THE INTERVENTION EP (Sammy Fox) Sammy Fox, Songwriter (Fort Worth, Texas)
"Monahans" off PEOPLE LIKE ME (Justin Haigh) Kevin Higgins, Songwriter (Austin, Texas)
"Sooner" off A MINUTE TO BREATHE (Dave Fenley & The Good Deal) Dave Fenley, Songwriter (Fredericksburg, Texas)

Susan Gibson (Wimberley, Texas)
Michael Hearne (Bushland, Texas)
Casey Hubble (Austin, Texas)
Bob Livingston (Austin, Texas)
Claude Butch Morgan (Divine, Texas)

"All My Best Friends (Are Behind Bars)" Justin Haigh (Austin, Texas)
"Dead & Gone" Paul Nunn (Fort Worth, Texas)
"Down" The Captain Legendary Band (Humble, Texas)
"Good On The Inside" Chuck Allen Floyd (Dallas, Texas)
"Halfway To Houston" James Lann (Hitchcock, Texas)
"I Love Being Me" Clint Martin (New Braunfels, Texas)
"Jesus & Johnny Cash" Jarrod Birmingham (Inez, Texas)
"My Days Are Numbered" Randy Brown (Fort Worth, Texas)
"Ozona" Pear Ratz (Corpus Christi, Texas)
"Weekend's Gone" Seth Candan (College Station)

BI-POLAR SIX STRING Casey Hubble (Austin, Texas)
GOOD TO SEE YOU Scotty Thurman & The Perfect Trouble Band (Whitesboro, Texas)
JUST GETTING STARTED Pauline Reese (Marble Falls, Texas)
KING OF THE ISLAND Kelly McGuire (League City, Texas)
PEOPLE LIKE ME Justin Haigh (Austin, Texas)

Mike Blakely (Buchanan Dam, Texas)
Randy Brown (Fort Worth, Texas)
Susan Gibson (Wimberley, Texas)
john Arthur martinez (Marble Falls, Texas)
Pauline Reese (Marble Falls, Texas)

Joe Angel KEOS - 89.1 FM (Bryan/College Station)
Brett Dillon KHYI - 95.3 FM (Dallas)
Gus Samuelson KHYI - 95.3 FM (Dallas)
Roark Smith KPFT - 90.1 FM (Houston)
Dave Wheaton KEAN - 105.1 FM (Abilene)


"Highwayman" off EASY DRIFTIN' (Slow Rollin Lows) (made popular by The Highwaymen) (Beaumont, Texas)
"Minnie The Moocher" off HIGH PRICE OF LOW LIVIN' (Randy Brown) (made popular by Cab Calloway) (Fort Worth, Texas)
"Sunday Mornin' Coming Down" off COUNTRY BLUES AND STORY SONGS (Bill Reid) (made popular by Johnny Cash) (Horseshoe Bay, Texas)
"Trashy Women" off TEXAS STATE OF MIND (Cody Rowe) (made popular by Confederate Railroad) (Austin, Texas)
"Willin'" off MISS UNDERSTOOD (The Kat Moore Band) (made popular by Linda Ronstadt) (Fort Worth, Texas)

BRIDGE Grissom & Hill (Burnet, Texas)
I'M ALIVE Season Ammons (Houston, Texas)
IN ANOTHER TIME Irie Time (Houston, Texas)
KIND OF EVERYTHING Jeff Talmadge (Roswell, Georgia; born in Texas)
LEARNING AS I GO Michael O'Neal (Paris, Texas)
LESS THAN PERFECT STRANGER Steve Price (Pearland, Texas)
MIGHTY RIDER Jeff Posey (Cresson, Texas)
ON HIS OWN Richy Rhyne (Fredericksburg, Texas)
SHAME THE DEVIL Town Walsh (Dallas, Texas)
THE WHITE CAT SESSIONS Leslie Krafka (Houston, Texas)

If you would like to interview any of the nominees or TMA staff, send your request to:
Under the category of Entertainer, "john Arthur martinez" is not typed in error...the first and last names begin with a lower-case letter.

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