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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Texas and Mexico Border News - 2.19.2012

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GOP Ariz. sheriff comes out after allegedly threatening to deport ex
Washington Blade
Jose, a 34-year-old from central Mexico whose last name was not disclosed in the article, told the paper Babeu threatened him with deportation if he were to reveal their years-long relationship. The Mexican native said he met Babeu in October 2006 on ...
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Washington Blade
Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu has resigned as co-chair of Mitt Romney's ...
New York Daily News
The expose quoted a man only identified as “Jose,” who said the law-and-order sheriff had pressured him into signing an agreement to keep mum on their relationship or face being booted back to Mexico. “All of the allegations are false except one; ...
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Gay sheriff quits Romney campaign
By David Schwartz, Reuters ARIZONA - A local sheriff resigned as a co-chair of Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's campaign in Arizona on Saturday after he was accused of threatening a former male lover with deportation to Mexico if he talked ...
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REFILE-Arizona sheriff quits Romney campaign amid accusations
Chicago Tribune
In an embarrassing incident for Romney's campaign, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu denied he or his lawyer made the deportation threat, but he stepped down from helping the former Massachusetts governor in the border state. Babeu acknowledged at a news ...
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Sheriff Babeu admits he's gay, denies threatening ex with deportation
... to Mexico if he went public about their relationship. “That is blatantly false. It's not true,” Babeu said Saturday afternoon. The allegations are stunning for a sheriff who stands against illegal immigration and wants to better secure our border.
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Geronimo gets his due in Arizona museum show
Nelson A. Miles near the Arizona-New Mexico border in 1886. Geronimo was sent to Fort Sill in Oklahoma, where he died years later. The exhibit isn't all weapons and military history. Visitors will see that Geronimo also was a family man and a showman ...
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Presidio County - CBS 7 - Your Eye on West Texas
Presidio, TX - Heavy drug trafficking along the Texas/Mexico border has drawn a watchful eye from many law enforcement agencies and if you are caught the ...
Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico reports two H1N1 Flu Cases ...
Both Piedras Negras, Coahuila and the State of Coahuila border Eagle Pass, Texas and the State of Texas on the U.S.-Mexico Border. Texas public health ...
Another Mexican border state official arrested - ALIPAC
It's the second arrest this month in Texas of a former Mexican border state official, and comes amid revelations in Mexico that the government there is ...

Mexico Prison Riot Leaves 20 Dead
Fox News
Some 31 prisoners died in January in a prison riot in the Gulf coast city of Altimara in Tamaulipas state, which borders Texas. Another fight in a prison in the Tamaulipas border city of Matamoros in October killed 20 inmates and injured 12.
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School of the Americas Watch founder to protest in El Paso, Texas
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
“It is not that complicated.” Farm workers board a bus and cross the border to pick chili peppers in Texas to earn $10 daily. On the Mexico side of the border, many shop keepers have boarded up their stores and fled the area for fear of death.
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GOP Presidential Nominee May Face Backlash from Latino Voters on Immigration
Fox News
Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks at the Williamson County Republican party's annual Reagan Dinner on Monday, Feb. 6 in Round Rock Texas. It was Perry's first public appearance in Texas since abandoning his run for the GOP presidential nomination.
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Leschper: Don't have to go far in Texas to catch record size bass
Other fantastic bass lakes are Amistad International Reservoir, which is on the Mexican border near Del Rio and has hosted numerous top-tier tournaments, and OH Ivie Reservoir near San Angelo, which caught fire a couple of years ago and produced ...
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Charro Days marks 75 years of history
Brownsville Herald
By JACQUELINE ARMENDARIZ/ The Brownsville Herald A parade trophy from 1911 is proof that Brownsville's annual celebration of its border culture is more than century old. But it was 75 years ago this month that the festival was given its unique name ...
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Big bang for Universe Trading Company: Downtown mainstay closes after 32 years ...
Savannah Morning News
He came to know the owner of every roadside attraction in Georgia and the Southeast, formed a pact with an importer-exporter on the Texas-Mexico border and built relationships with catalog salesmen with access to overstock merchandise.
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John Gaines/The Hawk Eye
Burlington Hawk Eye
Companies - led by IBP - started recruiting a largely Mexican workforce. Some came directly from south of the border while others were second-stoppers from California and Texas. Arkansas-based Tyson Foods bought IBP 10 years ago.
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Cotton farmers' secret weapon
Arizona Republic
Screwworm-breeding factories were built in Florida, Texas, Mexico. State by state, scientists took down the worm. (Arizona: 1965.) They started sterile-insect technology on the Mediterranean fruit fly, and the Mexican fruit fly, and another bug in ...
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Blogs 1 new result for texas and mexico border
Don Hagans – A Brief Biography | The SVF
By admin
Mr. Hagans served аѕ Chairman οf thе Texas / Mexico Authority οf thе State οf Texas, Chairman οf thе United States / Mexico Border Trade Alliance, аnd аѕ Coordinator οf thе Border Governors Conference. Hе аlѕο wаѕ Chairman οf thе State ...

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Is the Border a War Zone? | TM Daily Post
But authorities have trouble agreeing on the amount of “spillover violence” that happens along the 1254-mile Texas-Mexico border. The director of the Texas ...

Mexican President Hopefuls Skirt Drug War Debate
Jakarta Globe
Political analysts say whoever succeeds Calderon will probably continue fighting the cartels in similar fashion — by working closely with the United States and relying heavily on the Mexican military. “The majority of Mexicans want a change in ...
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Mexico's presidential hopefuls avoiding drug war
Bend Bulletin
By Nick Miroff / The Washington Post MEXICO CITY — Mexico's drug war has cost 50000 lives since President Felipe Calderón took office in December 2006, and when voters go to the polls to elect a new leader July 1, that dreadful figure may cost his ...
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Sinaloa cartel carving drug routes in Caribbean
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — The Sinaloa cartel, Mexico's largest drug-smuggling organization, is working with Dominican criminal groups to establish a Caribbean trafficking route, Dominican and US officials said.
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Mexican army launches public works campaign in Ciudad Mier
by Sergio Chapa Residents of Ciudad Mier had to flee the town due to drug cartel violence a little more than a year ago. But soldiers with the Mexican army have now launched a public works campaign to help residents and clean up the city.
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20 killed in Mexico prison riot
The Press Association
Deadly fights happen periodically in Mexico's prisons as gangs and drug cartels stage jail breaks and battle for control, often with the involvement of officials. In January 31 prisoners died in a prison riot in the Gulf coast city of Altimara in the ...
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Turf War in Central Mexico Leaves 8 Dead
Latin American Herald Tribune
LEON, Mexico – Eight homicides earlier this week in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato stem from a turf battle between rival drug cartels, officials said, noting that one of the gangs claimed responsibility for the slayings by leaving threatening ...
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Latin American Herald Tribune
Mexican prison riot leaves at least 38 dead
MONTERREY, Mexico — At least 38 inmates have been killed in a riot at a prison near the northern Mexican city of Monterrey, officials said Sunday. The clashes broke out overnight between rival gangs at Apodoca prison, some 30 kilometers (18 miles ...
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Brownwood drug dealer sentenced to 50 years
The drugs were believed to have been supplied by the Zetas, one of Mexico's most notorious drug cartels, prosecutors said. Hutchinson was among 83 defendants facing narcotics charges indicted by a Brown County grand jury in August.
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Mexico female presidential candidate Mota Vazquez embraces role
Los Angeles Times
Her supporters hope that voters will find her comforting and reassuring at a particularly tumultuous time in Mexican history, when a bloody drug war waged by President Felipe Calderon, of the PAN, has killed more than 50000 people in slightly more than ...
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Los Angeles Times
Missionary couple murdered in Mexico had deep ties to Colorado
Denver Post
The deaths came one year to the day after another missionary was shot and killed in that area as she and her husband fled from alleged drug-cartel gunmen. The deaths of the Casiases continue to reverberate around Colorado, where they had family, ...
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Mexico Incinerates 15 Tons of Methamphetamines
Latin American Herald Tribune
GUADALAJARA, MexicoMexican authorities incinerated more than 15 tons of methamphetamines valued at 58 million pesos ($4.5 million) in the western state of Jalisco, the federal Attorney General's Office said. Military personnel destroyed the drugs on ...
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Mexico's messenger angels amid the drug war violence
Toronto Star
Myles Estey Special to the Star It's a sunny and cool Saturday morning in Colonia Barrio Alto, where small houses of unfinished concrete push eastward out of Ciudad Juárez, the border town at the epicentre of Mexico's drug war violence.
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Toronto Star
Pro-drug legalization forces are gaining clout
Supporters of the US aid cuts say the decline reflects in part Latin American countries' growing capabilities to fight the drug cartels by themselves. Critics dispute that, saying that it's hard to argue that Mexico and Guatemala, among others, ...
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Dozens killed in prison gang riot
Courier Mail
From: AP Rivalry: Prison riots between gangs are not uncommon in Mexico - 20 inmates died in a 2009 riot in this prison in Cuidad Juarez, and yesterday at least 38 died in a prison near Monterrey. Picture: AP Source: AP A PRISON riot in northern Mexico ...
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GOP sheriff, Congressional hopeful, outed by former gay lover (Breaking News)
He was also controversial in the support, then firing of Pinal County Deputy Louie Puroll, who claimed he was ambushed in the desert by runners employed by a Mexican drug cartel. Puroll's charges fueled anti-immigration sentiment in Arizona and ...
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Ice interdiction: Mission impossible?
Pacific Daily News
For this column I want to discuss the challenges of reducing the abuse of ice, or crystal methamphetamine, and prescription drugs. Drug abuse causes enormous destruction to our people and must be stopped. Anthony Ascura, a former lieutenant with the ...
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Will Legislature change state pseudoephedrine law?
Tulsa World
And, history suggests that even when meth-making diminished, meth use did not. Mexican drug cartels are only too willing to fill in the void. In the world of meth eradication, nothing works for long. By JULIE DELCOUR Associate Editor.
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Pinal Sheriff Babeu: Misconduct allegations false, but 'I'm gay'
East Valley Tribune
... seized 61573 pounds of marijuana, 213 pounds of cocaine, 158 of heroin, $758908 in cash, 83 vehicles, 108 weapons, and 4 ballistic vests, all linked, according to law enforcement, to a faction of the Sinaloa Cartel based in Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico.
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US and Mexico Military Play Increasing Role in Border Operations
Jan Brewer's office. Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson both asked for military support because of the threats posed by drug cartels, which are armed with military-grade weapons and equipment. US Rep.
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OM This Day in History, February 19, 2012
Outcome Magazine
In 2009, Mexican President Felipe Calderon says the military will help fight drug cartels until police are retrained to do the job. More than 6000 people died in drug-related violence in 2008. In 2010, US President Barack Obama announced a $1.3 billion ...
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Outcome Magazine
Spotlight on Honduras' meltdown
Saudi Gazette
Rampant lawlessness, poverty and a crumbling justice system has left the coffee-exporting nation of some 8 million people battered by ultra-violent gangs and drug cartels. Gunmen have taken control of slums and villages, well aware that the police are ...
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Ahmadinejad's political plight could stop the conflict warming up
Herald Scotland
In Washington, hoodlums from a Mexican drug cartel were hired to carry out the attempted assassination, only to be exposed by a US double agent, and police forces in Delhi, Tbilisi and Bangkok quickly exposed the extent of Iranian involvement in the ...
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Juárez mayor says violence easing, city coming back to life
Albuquerque Journal (subscription)
“The culture of violence in Mexico is because of poverty.” In 2008, a perfect storm was created for Juárez's jump in violence. In 2006, Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared war on the drug cartels in his country, but it wasn't until 2008 that he ...
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the rix mix: Offline & Whitney
By Bob
You needed to think on this one a bit more, Pastor Winans, You man nobody comes to mind? Not an international arms dealer or Mexican drug cartel boss or heartless Wall Street business buster? Well yeah. a lot of rich people would be broke ...
the rix mix
About 20 Dead In Mexico Prison Riot
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Deadly fights happen periodically in Mexican prisons as gangs and drug cartels stage jail breaks and battle for control of penitentiaries, often with the involvement of officials. Some 31 prisoners died in January in a prison riot in the Gulf coast ...
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed
Covering Mexico and 'the war next door' | To The Center
By Carla Miles
The Los Angeles Times states that their own reporters and photographers have chronicled the the combat among Mexican drug cartels for control over the lucrative drug trade to the U.S. since 2008. But at least one organization, Portland ...
To The Center

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Mexican drug cartels growing in Utah - - Salt Lake City ...
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The majority of meth busts in Utah have ties to the Mexican drug cartels.
Mexican drug cartels growing in Utah
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The majority of meth busts in Utah have ties to the Mexican drug cartels. These cartels are growing. The cartels are shipping ...

US faces tough fight in cash smuggling crackdown
Kuwait Times
It's similar to the tactic taken in fighting terrorism: crippling financing networks before the money ends up with leaders of drug cartels and trafficking rings. But the flow is hard to stop. Officials in the US and Mexico are realizing that criminal ...
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Texans on wrong side of border fence grow anxious
Brownsville Herald
... leaving his home isolated on a strip of land between America's border fence and the violence raging across the Rio Grande in Mexico. For the past year, the manager of a sprawling preserve on the southern tip of Texas has been comforted by a gap in ...
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Business of saving horses
El Paso Inc.
NORTH OF FABENS, Texas - Where the blacktop ends and the sand begins, in the desert sea that surrounds the border city of El Paso, one enterprising rancher is testing a business model that promises to save horses from grisly deaths, and make a profit ...
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Defeats mount for Gov. Martinez, but she still has big initiatives to fight for
Alamogordo Daily News
By Milan Simonich Texas-New Mexico Newspapers SANTA FE -- With five days left in New Mexico's legislative session, Gov. Susana Martinez faces the prospect of losing almost all of her high-profile initiatives. Martinez, a Republican facing a ...
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Our View: Leap Year: Unique fun in the Anthonys
Silver City Sun News
It brings together two communities, one on each side of the Texas/New Mexico border. Texans and New Mexicans getting together and having fun — it's a beautiful thing. And indeed, one of the best things about the Leap Year Day bash is that it is unique ...
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Feds need to decide on language issue
Today's News-Herald
This is not an English-Spanish language issue, America-Mexico issue or whites-Latinos issue — this would have been the correct ruling if the person was running for city council in Highgate, Vt., on the border with French-speaking Philipsburg, Quebec, ...
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Blogs 3 new results for texas and mexico border
Passport to Texas » Blog Archive » State Parks: Falcon Lake State ...
By cecilia
Falcon Lake State Park is home to some big bass, and straddles the Texas-Mexico border. Our State Park guide Bryan Frazier says now is a great time to fish the lake for lunkers. 64—Falcon Lake turns on this time of year to become one of the ...
Passport to Texas
A testimony from Laredo || Texas Baptists
By Guest Contributor
You may have noticed the media attention covering the violence around the Texas/Mexico border. Many mission leaders have also raised concerns and are debating whether or not they should continue their mission trips in this area. Several ...
Texas Baptists
Maps Detailing Bizarre Anti-social Programs Ideology | Culture of ...
By emsnews
Only mainly Phoenix and the areas next to Vegas voted against it! This is due to the Indian/Hispanic demands. Ditto, the border of Texas along Mexico voted for Obamacare. But looking at the above election map for the last election, both Texas ...
Culture of Life News

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Anxiety for Those Between Mexico Border and Fence |
Anyone who advocates for a 1250 border fence between Texas and Mexico needs to go on a vacation to Texas and observe the mountains and canyons along ...

Drug Enforcement Agency deals blow to Mexican drug cartel in Salt Lake City
Deseret News
Those arrested were key members of the well-known Sinaloa Cartel. (DEA) SALT LAKE CITY — Approximately half a million dollars in methamphetamine from a Mexican drug cartel was confiscated by the Drug Enforcement Agency over the weekend.
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Deseret News
Ecuador Captures 'Loco' Barrera-Sinaloa Cartel Link
InSight Crime
Police in Ecuador have captured a man who allegedly serves as the link between powerful drug cartels in Colombia and Mexico, in a sign that the authorities could be moving closer to capturing Colombian kingpin Daniel "El Loco" Barrera.
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Snagged by snitches: a legacy of secret government informants
Houston Chronicle
By Dane Schiller Osiel Cardenas-Guillen, 39, the accused Mexican drug kingpin extradited to the United States last month, leaves the federal courthouse in Houston after pleading not guilty Friday, Feb. 9, 2007, to charges connected to running a cartel ...
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Is Speaker Boehner making a deal with the Obama Administration to stop Fast ...
This investigation began when it was learned that the US Attorney General Eric Holder had ostensibly supported and been behind the supplying of US guns--including large numbers of assault weapons--to the Mexican drug cartel; the Sinaloa cartel in ...
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Attorney for accused gun runner files notice of entrapment defense
Press-Register - (blog)
By Brendan Kirby, Press-Register MOBILE, Alabama -- An attorney for a Texas man accused of trying to buy military-grade weapons for a Mexican drug cartel announced last week that he may pursue an entrapment defense. Federal prosecutors in Mobile allege ...
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Press-Register - (blog)
Travel warning: Violence spreading in Mexico
WJXT Jacksonville
Americans should avoid all but essential travel to all or parts of 14 Mexican states, the US State Department warns as violence has spread. Shootouts, kidnappings and carjackings have climbed, as have cartels, also known as transnational criminal ...
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Seven Gunned Down in Northern Mexico
Latin American Herald Tribune
It is not clear whether the victims were killed in a shootout between rival gangs or dumped in the neighborhood. A bulletin was issued after gunfire was reported, but no arrests have been made. The Sinaloa and Los Zetas drug cartels have been fighting ...
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Latin American Herald Tribune
Cruz: 'Every member of Congress should speak out' on Fast and Furious; Holder ...
Daily Caller
The idea that our federal law enforcement was knowingly and willingly selling guns to Mexican drug cartels and that those guns have been used to murder innocent civilians and murder a federal law enforcement officer, I mean, that is truly shocking.
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New woman commissioner takes helm of Mexico's federal police
Women News Network
Image: Alfredo Cottin (WNN/RTLW) MEXICO CITY: Mexico has for the first time appointed a woman to head the federal police, which is under pressure to bring the country's powerful drug cartels to heel. Maribel Cervantes replaced Facundo Rosas as ...
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Women News Network
5th District candidate Sylvester Salcedo taking road trip to Mexico to protest ...
New Haven Register
Campbell said in the United States, the “war” is seen as an effort to keep drugs out of the country as drug cartels fight to control exportation. “In Mexico, it's seen that the American market for drugs created this whole problem,” Campbell said.
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Tony Bennett is totally right about legalizing drugs, for the totally wrong reason
Death and Taxes
Not to mention the incredible impact it would have on the Mexican drug cartel, whose violence has killed over 48000 in the last five years alone. Whiney, Winehouse and Michael are basically the opposite of the reason we should legalize drugs—they're ...
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Slackery News Tidbits, February 13
He is sent on a mission in Mexico to take down an insane drug cartel leader and an eccentric billionare, who have teamed up to create weapon of mass destruction in space. The Deadline article does not mention whether the film will be shot in Texas.
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Founder and head of Progressive Propaganda Machine Media Matters apporved of ... (press release)
The interviews reveal that Media Matters Founder David Brock has been previously treated for mental illness, publicly admitted to using illegal drugs, including cocaine, is quite likely a paranoid delusional to the point that he believes ” right wing ...
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Lewis cousins' trial opens today
Memphis Commercial Appeal
... who are alleged to have played parts in one of the largest drug rings in Memphis history. The enterprise was headed by Memphis native Craig Petties, a high school dropout who became a millionaire as a high-level broker for a deadly Mexican cartel.
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NRA Warns That Obama Would Assault Gun Rights in 2nd Term
The New American
The NRA chief also blasted Obama for acting “like some South American dictator” in sending thousands of weapons to Mexican drug cartels under operation “Fast and Furious.” He also reiterated an allegation made last year — later proven correct by ...
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Answers needed about gun program
Greenville News
“Fast and Furious” was ostensibly calculated to apprehend guns headed to Mexican drug cartels. It was flawed in its inception and execution. To be sure, I worked with ATF agents for 16 years. The ATF agents I worked with in South Carolina were honest, ...
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Georgia Considers Reforms to Reduce Prison Population, Costs
Atlanta Progressive News
Not only would legalizing marijuana cut the prison population; it would also boost the economy and put the Mexican drug cartels out of business. Addiction is a brain chemical problem, not a criminal justice problem. To end addictions to dangerous drugs ...
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Spanish Photographer wins World Press Photo Award 2011
... Afghanistani photographer Massoud Hossaini who documented the bombing of a Shi'ite shrine in Kabul in December 2011. Finally, Mexican Pedro Pardon has been awarded for his report on the war between rival drug cartels in the Acapulco region of Mexico.
See all stories on this topic »
'Amnesties are not an option,' says education forum member
Janesville Gazette
I've read countless publications, attended many presentations and studied everything from the demographics to the drug cartels. Q: How important is the issue of illegal immigration to you? A: This issue is extremely important to me.
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Police seize about $500000 in meth
By Hunter Schwarz SALT LAKE CITY — Approximatley half a million dollars in methamphetamine from a Mexican drug cartel was confiscated by the Drug Enforcement Agency over the weekend. "It's a significant case, an international case with long-reaching ...
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Union Theatre weekly preview
UWM Post
El Sicario Room 164, on the other hand, gives a firsthand account from one of the drug trade's most sinister, El Sicario. As a masterful hit man of the drug cartel, El Sicario claims to have taken hundreds of lives and now has a quarter of a million ...
See all stories on this topic »
Bible college bombing
World Magazine (subscription)
Their children remember Wanda saying, "We were called to Mexico. They are our people." Monterrey is a magnet for two of the most active drug cartels, Zetas and Gulf—but John and Wanda Casias were so secure in their faith they were willing to risk ...
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World Magazine (subscription)

Blogs 9 new results for mexican drug cartels
$500k Utah meth bust tied to drug cartels
By ahowell
SALT LAKE CITY -- Federal agents say they've seized about half a million dollars in methamphetamine from a Mexican drug cartel over the weekend in Salt Lake County. Drug Enforcement Administration officials say they found ...
Standard-Examiner Latest Headlines
Drug-Cartel Links Dog Mexico Party « Mexico Institute
By mexicoinstitute
A former Mexican state governor is under increasing scrutiny in the U.S. and Mexico for alleged ties to drug cartels, a brewing scandal that could tarnish the image of Mexico's former ruling party as it drives to regain power in this year's ...
Mexico Institute
Americas MexicoBlog: Drug War: Mexico picks first female chief of ...
By Reed Brundage
Reuters: "Mexico has for the first time appointed a woman to head the federal police, which is under pressure to bring the country's powerful drug cartels to heel. Maribel Cervantes replaced Facundo Rosas as commissioner general of the ...
Americas MexicoBlog
scott dalton – so close, so far: daily life and cartel violence in ciudad ...
By burn magazine
Located on the US-Mexico border, just across from El Paso, TX, Ciudad Juarez is the epicenter of a struggle between drug cartels that has pushed all of Mexico toward lawlessness. The city has become a bed of tension, its citizens weary and ...
burn magazine
The Solution to Our Problems « The Constitution Club
By thomaspaine2nd
If we invade Mexico and make them a protectorate, then we can legally go in with the military and wipe out the drug cartels. No more headless Mexican and American corpses hanging from the overpasses, the tidal wave of illegal drugs into ...
The Constitution Club
Mexican Politician Arrested in Texas by DEA - Interested-Participant
By Mike Pechar
The Drug Enforcement Administration filed a criminal complaint in a U.S. District Court in San Antonio that contains allegations implicating a former Mexican governor with the Zetas and Gulf cartels. The DEA complaint is against Antonio ...
Interested-Participant » Blog Archive » The Emperor's Latest Decree
By Craig Andresen
As investigations heat up over his green energy spending and his administration's program of arming the Mexican drug cartels, some might inexplicably think the Emperor will take timely advantage of making public the 8×10 glossies of a dead ...
The Minority Report Blog » American Civil Rights Union Files ...
By Steven Foley
This includes gang members in Mexican drug cartels and criminals fleeing their home countries south of the border….” “The Obama Administration sued the state of Arizona to enjoin the duly enacted state law on its face before it even took ...
The Minority Report Blog
DUmmie FUnnies: "President Obama, a DU member?"
By PJ-Comix
Supply weapons to Mexican drug cartels, to use against our border patrol. Brilliant! Holder signed off on that, pronto!] Oh, wait. I was just imagining all of that. Never mind. [No, even a DUmmie could not be that dumb.] He's perfectly welcome to ...
DUmmie FUnnies

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Mexico cartels paid $4.5 million political bribes: court - World news ...
MEXICO CITY — Mexican drug cartels paid $4.5 million in bribes to buy protection and political favors in a state run by the country's main opposition party , U.S. ...
Suspect Linked to Mexican Drug Cartels Nabbed in Texas
WASHINGTON – State and federal authorities arrested a Mexican-born, Texas- based rancher for links to powerful drug cartels, the U.S. Drug Enforcement ...

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