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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Texas and Mexico Border News - 2.28.2012

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Should drones be allowed to fly in civilian airspace?
Palm Beach Post (blog)
The Border Patrol is using drones along the US-Mexico border. Now Congress has ordered the Federal Aviation Administration to clear the way for the civilian and law enforcement use of drones in US skies. The aerospace industry estimates that 15000 such ...
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Palm Beach Post (blog)
COLUMN-Keystone comedy should be cause for despair: John Kemp
"ALL OF THE ABOVE" On January 18, Obama personally announced he would not grant Keystone a presidential permit to cross the US-Canadian border because there was not time to complete full assessment of its impact on health and the environment.
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TransCanada's new try for Keystone pipeline permit
San Francisco Chronicle
Washington -- TransCanada said Monday that it will reapply for a permit to build the Keystone XL pipeline from Canadian oil sands formations in Alberta to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico, assuring that the fiercely contested project will remain a ...
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UPDATE: TransCanada Set to Re-Apply for Keystone XL Permit Proceeding with ...
TO) announced today it has sent a letter to the US Department of State (DOS) informing the Department the company plans to file a Presidential Permit application (cross border permit) in the near future for the Keystone XL Project from the US/Canada ...
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Oil pipeline from Oklahoma to the Gulf to be completed next year
President Obama has rejected a proposal to connect the line over the border with Canada, saying there wasn't enough time to conduct a proper review before a deadline. A presidential permit is not needed for the Oklahoma to Gulf of Mexico pipeline ...
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Want to Visit This National Monument in Arizona? You'll Need an Armed Escort ...
Town Hall
If you've ever wanted to visit Organ Pipe National Monument, located near Tucson along the US-Mexico border, you'll need a heavily armed escort to do so. A decade ago, a park ranger was shot and killed in the park by armed illegal smugglers touting ...
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Web 1 new result for texas mexico border
Bullet Near Mexico Border Hits Mother Walking Streets of Texas ...
iStockphoto/Thinkstock(EL PASO, Texas) -- A mother pushing her child in a stroller in downtown El Paso, Texas, was struck by an errant bullet fired during a ...

Healthcare-NOW! - Many Texas residents cross Mexican border to ...
By Healthcare-NOW!
From - The U.S.-Mexico border stretches from San Diego, CA all the way to Brownsville, TX. Many residents living on the U.S. side of the border are.
Texas Launching Navy In All-Out Pursuit Of Mexico Drug Cartels ...
Texas Launching Navy In All-Out Pursuit Of Mexico Drug Cartels. By Jason Whitely. February 25, 2012. There may be no better view of the Texas-Mexico border than from a seat inside the state's newest law. enforcement ...
Grendel Report
SaludToday Blog » Èxito! Grad Testimonial: Rosalie Aguilar
By admin
Rosalie Aguilar grew up along the Texas-Mexico border and volunteered her time working in migrant worker clinics, an experience that spawned her interest in public and world health issues. She dreamed of finding a way to help many ...
SaludToday Blog
A 'disposable' presidential bid? | Beyond the Border | a ...
By Arturo Gallardo · Beyond the Border. News and analysis from the Texas-Mexico region. ← Electoral official comments on challenges facing Mexico's absentee vote. A 'disposable' presidential bid? Posted on 02/28/2012 by Arturo Gallardo ...
Beyond the Border
Capital Soup » Blog Archive » Spring Break is Medical Outreach ...
By Capital Soup Editor
They will split into three groups: one in Immokalee, southwest Florida; one on the Texas-Mexico border; and one in a small village in Panama. Spring break is March 5-9. FSUCares' mission is to increase outreach to underserved communities, ...
Capital Soup

Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham becoming 'no-go areas' because of drugs ...
Daily Mail
The three cities were directly compared to the drug cartels which hold sway over large parts of Brazil and Mexico by Professor Hamid Ghodse, the president of the UN's International Narcotics Control Board (INCB). He said the cities were trapped in 'a ...
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Daily Mail
Napolitano: Mexico Drug War Not A Failure
RTT News
(RTTNews) - US Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano on Monday defended the US and Mexican war against drugs and drug cartels, stressing that her country would continue to assist Latin American nations in combating production of narcotics and ...
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DRUG TRAFFICKING: From Arizona to Iowa, the drug cartel has made its way ...
The numbers are hard to comprehend – thousands of people killed, tons of drugs seized and billions of dollars exchanging hands. And Iowa is right in the middle of the Mexican drug cartels' distribution network. It's the middle of the night in Pinal ...
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Sinaloa Drug Cartel's New Caribbean Routes Centered in Dominican Republic
The New American
Borderland Beat reports that Mexico's drug cartels are using Caribbean countries as trans-shipment points for drugs bound for either the United States or Europe. VOXXI (Voice of the Hispanic 21st Century) — a multimedia site for topics relevant to ...
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Are the cartels taking over North Carolina?
Both men have been charged with drug trafficking and are being held on US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement detainers, as both are in the country illegally. In recent years, Mexican drug cartels have been steadily increasing their presence in North ...
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Janet Napolitano insists Mexico drug war not a failure
BBC News
At a joint news conference with Mexican Interior Minister Alejandro Poire, Ms Napolitano was asked why Guzman, the leader of one of the most powerful Mexican drug cartels, was still at large. "It took us 10 years to find Osama Bin Laden and we found ...
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BBC News
Napolitano defends US drug war in face of legalization debate
"It is a continuing effort to keep our peoples from becoming addicted to dangerous drugs." Mexican President Felipe Calderon has focused on targeting kingpins, capturing or killing many major drug cartel figures. But the country is still hunting ...
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Should Central America Legalize Drugs?
The Atlantic
Since Mexico declared its own war against drugs and drug cartels in 2006, over 50000 civilians, police, journalists, judges, and soldiers have died. Several cartel kingpins have been arrested or killed, but organized crime is as potent as ever, ...
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The Atlantic
United Nations drugs tzar brands parts of Liverpool 'no-go' areas run by criminals
Liverpool Echo
The development of “no-go areas” was being fuelled by threats such as social inequality, migration and celebrities normalising drug abuse, he warned. He compared parts of Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham to Brazil and Mexico where the drug cartels ...
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Keep off Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham areas: UN official
Hamid Ghodse, president of the UN's International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), said the situations in the three cities were comparable to large parts of Brazil and Mexico ruled by drug cartels. The cities were trapped in "a vicious cycle of social ...
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CENT investigators shut down suspected drug trafficking organization
St. Helens Chronicle
Investigators with the Columbia Enforcement Narcotics Team arrested two suspected Mexican cartel drug traffickers believed to be responsible for providing large quantities of heroin to Columbia County. Working in cooperation with Portland Police ...
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Liverpool has drug and gang 'no-go' areas, claims UN
Click Liverpool
He insists there are three UK cities that are similar to the ghettos and violent cities in South America that have succumbed to the threat of dangerous drug cartels. He said the cities were trapped in "a vicious cycle of social exclusion and drugs ...
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Click Liverpool
Congressional investigators fault ATF's "irresponsible tactic" in ICE agent murder
CBS News
Guns used against Agent Terry had been trafficked in ATF's controversial operation "Fast and Furious," in which ATF let thousands of assault rifles and other weapons fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, to try to somehow get at the cartel's ...
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Colombia buys submarines in anti-drug war
Sea-borne narcotics cargo bound for North America is a growing problem in Central and South America as organized and well-resourced drug gangs deploy submersible craft and other sea-borne vessels to transport contraband. Mexico's crackdown on drug ...
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Napolitano: Mexican drug war 'not a failure'
KPRC Houston
Asked why, in spite of efforts by both Mexico and the United States, the leader Mexico's most powerful criminal organization -- the Sinaloa drug cartel -- remains at large, Napolitano implied it's only a matter of time before Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman ...
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UN drug agency warns that youth in danger from illegal drugs sold through ...
Washington Post
About 90 percent of the cocaine reaching the United States is transited through Mexico, even as an increasingly harsh crackdown by Mexican authorities is forcing some drug cartels to move their operations to Central America, the agency said.
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Gunmen Kill 5 in Northern Mexico
Latin American Herald Tribune
The killings may be linked to a turf war between drug dealers, who neighbors said used the house to sell drugs, state police said. The prison in Apodaca was the scene on Feb. 19 of the massacre of 44 inmates who belonged to the Gulf drug cartel and the ...
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Cruise passengers on alert after Mexico tour group robbed
The sixth most popular destination is Mexico's West Coast; it's slightly cheaper than the East Coast, but it's closer to the turf of Mexico's drug cartels. Some cruise lines are now wary of three ports: Mazatlan (where two non-cruise tourists were shot ...
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Violence Exposes Crisis In Latin American Prisons
Violence at three different penitentiaries in Mexico last week left 48 inmates dead, while the inferno in Honduras earlier this month killed 360 prisoners. These deadly events underscore the problems of corruption, overcrowding, prison gangs and ...
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Phoenix mayor headed to Mexico
Phoenix Business Journal
Tourism, trade and business between Mexico and Arizona faces some strains. The US State Department has issued travel warnings to numerous Mexico cities and regions — including Rocky Point and Nogales — in the wake of repeated drug cartel-related ...
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Colombia Captures 35 Gang Members Linked to Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel
It followed similar arrests in neighboring Venezuela and the seizure of dozens of aircraft that are thought to be used to transport illicit drugs by the group throughout the region. "We succeeded in capturing 35 members of a gang called "Los Galeano.
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Republicans Question Tactics in ATF Operation Linked to Murder of ICE Agent
They demanded information from Holder by March 9 on any contact ATF had with Barba and anything known about his activities as a straw buyer for Mexican drug cartels. They also wanted to know why Barba was not arrested in either October or December 2010 ...
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US Rep. Silvestre Reyes can't support key claim in ad on drugs
El Paso Times
Susie Byrd, said that in the book, they only advocate legalization of marijuana as a way of taking revenue from the drug cartels that have ravaged northern Mexico since 2008. Reyes, former sector chief for the US Border Patrol, disagreed that ...
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Meth takes over lives in Northern Colorado, too
The Coloradoan
... Project advertisements-while hard to watch-leave a lasting impression that makes some teenagers think twice about trying meth. colorado.methproject. org/Our-Work/ view-ads.php Most of the meth found in Colorado originates from Mexican drug cartels.
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El Narco, By Ioan Grillo
The Independent
There have been more than 34000 casualties in the Mexican drug war of the past decade. For a criminal conspiracy, the numbers beggar belief. It has been too easy for the world to step back and blame endemic Mexican violence and the American appetite ...
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Central America's women at war
In Mexico alone, nearly 50000 people have been killed in the drug war since President Felipe Calderón ordered the military in 2006 to confront the powerful drug cartels whose delivery routes cut a swath of violence through Guatemala, Honduras and his ...
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Tonight on Newsnight
The Warner Robins Patriot
From guns on school campus, to indecent exposure, to Mexican drug cartels. We have a recap of Middle Georgia's biggest weekend crime cases. In honor of Black History month, we're honoring an educator and advocate for equal opporutunity students.
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Rural Fremont man assisting family who lost everything in fire
Fremont Tribune
Brand also decided it was no longer safe to go given the fighting among drug cartels. A couple of times, he did help build churches in Mexico with Fellowship of Christian Farmers organization. These days, the retired farmer helps his son and son-in-law ...
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Carnival Splendor passengers robbed in Puerto Vallarta
Twenty-two Carnival Cruise Lines passengers were robbed of valuables and their passports during a shore excursion in the Mexico seaside resort of Puerto Vallarta, cruise officials said late Saturday. The passengers were robbed Thursday during a guided ...
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UPDATED: 4 indicted in cartel-linked trafficking operation
The News Herald
PANAMA CITY — The four local men accused of being involved in a large marijuana trafficking operation with ties to a violent Mexican cartel were indicted formally by a federal grand jury last week. The indictment lists additional charges that ...
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Geoff Cox's guide to new DVDs: Three Musketeers, Real Steel, Tower Heist
Bucks Herald
MISS BALA (15: Metrodome), an uncompromising expose of Mexican drug cartels, and the corruption of those entrusted with busting them, is shocking in its grim authenticity and explosive stylisation. Wannabe beauty queen Stephanie Sigman is caught in the ...
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Bucks Herald
Cruise Ship Passengers Robbed in Mexico
When a cruise ship operated by Carnival Cruise Lines docked at the Mexico resort of Puerto Vallarta, 22 of the passengers on the ship claim they were robbed by locals. The passengers had their passports and their valuables taken from them when docked.
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The Baines Report » Uncategorized » Drug War Continues to Spark ...
By Tania Lara
Amid daily headlines about brutal killings and a 65 percent increase in homicides since 2006, when President Calderón started his offensive against drug cartels, the Mexican homicide rate of 18 deaths per 100000 people is among the lowest ...
The Baines Report
Movie Review: Act of Valor » The Unwanted Blog
By admin
... in this era of astonishing political correctness, the bad guy here is a Chechen jihadist, leading a group of Philipino jihadists on a quest to sneak into the US, by way of Mexican drug cartels, in order to suicide-bomb a bunch of public events.
The Unwanted Blog
Governor Jerry Brown Urges Investment in Mexico and the DREAM Act
By immigrationprof
But we are the gateway and we are the recipients of our citizens being threatened by the drug cartels, living in fear, having to protect their property and their families, drop houses being in normally stable neighborhoods, prostitution, and the ...
ImmigrationProf Blog
Borderland Beat: As many as 50 more dead found in mass graves in ...
By badanov
Some of the dead were killed as long ago as 2005, well before the late 2006 start of Mexican president Felipe Calderon's war on the drug cartels. According to previous news reports of the 300 dead found to date only, 37 have been claimed by ...
Borderland Beat
Americas MexicoBlog: Mexico Economy: In revived Tijuana, a new ...
By Mikael Rojas
They say the calm is because Mexico's most powerful crime group has seized control of Tijuana's key drug-trafficking corridor and now enforces the peace. Rival drug gangs that used to gun down one another simply are working together now.
Americas MexicoBlog
Crucis' Court: Continuing on the theme
By Crucis
So the same federal government that waved the white flag in southern Arizona by posting signs warning American citizens to avoid American soil - effectively surrendering an 80-mile swath of our border to Mexican drug cartels - at least has ...
Crucis' Court
Janet Napolitano stands firm Mexico drug war not a failure | CRWE ...
By Christina
Mexican Interior Minister Alejandro Poire, and Ms Napolitano at a joint news conference, was questioned why Guzman, the leader of one of the most powerful Mexican drug cartels, was still at large. She answered saying, “It took us 10 years to ...
CRWE NewsWire
Investing in the future! | Orange Juice
By Ron & Anna Winship
... in the future…….thank goodness someone still has a few bucks to throw into the pot. It could downright frustrating if the only folks left to invest in our political process were: Mexican Drug Cartels, Russians Moguls and Chinese Industrialists.
Orange Juice

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2 Cocaine Drug Cartels Shoot Each Other On The Streets Of Mexico
2 Cocaine Drug Cartels Shoot Each Other On The Streets Of Mexico. - - MEXICO ... Houston ...
Mexican Drug Cartels | O-I Newswire
Posts Tagged 'mexican drug cartels' ... Posted in Sci-Tech Tags: mexican drug cartels, overtime hours, public relations departments · No Comments » ...
'JJ's Criminal AG, Eric " Let's Arm the Mexican Drug Cartels ...
Should be coming up soon! Another reason why 'JJ' will be a one term token Pres .
Jan Brewer Says Mexico 'Controlled By Drug Cartels'
Jan Brewer Says Mexico 'Controlled By Drug Cartels'. Jan Brewer Defends Immigration Crackdown, Says Mexico 'Controlled By Drug Cartels' Posted:...
Mexico cartels stronger than ever? | U.S. Open Borders
Similarly, Ravelo says nothing about the type of control exercised by the Mexican gangs today. Whereas in 2005 drug smugglers operated outside of the public ...

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