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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Texas and Mexico Border News - 2.7.2012

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Reporting from inside Mexico Blog

Border Violence Analysis Blog - Sylvia Longmire

Mexico nabs reputed cartel assassin wanted in US
MEXICO CITY — Mexican police arrested the reputed head of a Sinaloa drug cartel assassination ring who is accused of plotting a massacre at a drug rehabilitation center. Federal police arrested Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo, identified as leader of the ...
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5 norteno band members, 4 others killed in Mexico dance hall shooting
Washington Post
Norteno singers in Mexico have been targeted before, apparently for getting involved with drug cartels, which pay them to compose narcocorridos, or ballads that glorify drug lords. In 2010, popular norteno singer Sergio Vega was shot dead as he road in ...
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NM ghost town to reopen as murder stays unsolved
Houston Chronicle
Speculation about the killing — Link was shot five times, his scalp was lacerated and his chest and stomach were bruised — from neighbors and family members ranges from Mexican drug cartels to a random stranger, who might have happened across the ...
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Dump Holder
Right Side News
... regarding the exploding scandal known as “Fast and Furious,” where the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) allowed guns to “walk” into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, leading to the death of at least one US federal agent.
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Mexican Human Rights Activist's Norma Andrade Face Slashed by Attacker
Hispanically Speaking News
Andrade, who has received death threats from drug-trafficking gangs, fled to the Mexican capital after the Dec. 2 attack in Juarez, in which she was shot in the left shoulder and right hand. Amnesty International's Mexico chapter issued a safety alert ...
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Hispanically Speaking News
How did Anonymous hack the FBI?
New Statesman (blog)
In the last twelve months it has attacked government websites in Syria, declared cyber war on a brutal Mexican drug cartel, and exposed an anti-WikiLeaks "dirty tricks campaign" allegedly plotted by a prominent US security firm.
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New Statesman (blog)
Iranian Missile, Nuclear Program a Direct Threat to the US
Yahoo! Contributors Network
Iran and Hezbollah are working with Mexican drug cartels to learn how to smuggle materials into the United States. The speech by Yaalon suggests a number of things. First, it casts a new light on Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta's assertion, ...
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Mexico's war taking its toll
Calgary Herald
Anyone with half an eye on the news knows that Mexico is in the midst of a drug war, with rival cartels battling for control of a multi-billion-dollar trade in the United States. The country is so deep in blood it is getting harder to shock the locals.
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Obama's irresponsibility crosses border
Red and Black
... the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives was implementing Operation Fast and Furious, a gunwalking sting it hoped would lead to the arrest of high-ranking members of Mexican drug cartels such as Sineloa, El Teo and La Familia.
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Red and Black
TIMELINES: What country ratified a new constitution Feb. 4, 1917 after ...
The Epoch Times
Recently, politicians in Mexico have expressed frustration with the lack of adequate campaign finance law reform to address the significant problem of Mexican drug cartels and violent gangs funding local and possibly presidential campaigns.
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Alleged mastermind of Juárez rehab massacre arrested
El Paso Times
By Lourdes Cardenas / El Paso Times A man believed to be the mastermind in the massacre of 17 people at a drug rehabilitation center in Juárez in 2009 was arrested by Mexican Federal Police on Friday, officials said. Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo, ...
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AG Holder May Be Held in Contempt for "Fast & Furious" Cover-up
The New American
The probe surrounding the Fast and Furious scandal — in which the federal government was caught arming Mexican drug cartels and using the resulting violence to push for more gun-control — has been ongoing for over a year. During that time, Holder and ...
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Clean up our streets by stronger policing
The Daily Telegraph
Unlike the US, which has Mexico on her doorstep with big drug cartels and a thirst for violence, Australia has just Indonesia on one side and New Zealand on the other - hardly known for organised crime. We also have strict gun laws that limit the ...
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Israeli Designer Donating Store Proceeds to Help Mexican Children
Latin American Herald Tribune
NEW YORK – Israeli fashion designer Yigal Azrouel will be collaborating once again with New York-based non-profit organization Project Paz to help children in the violence-wracked Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez. Azrouel has designed a series of ...
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Obama can stop Holder's Fast and Furious cover-up today
Washington Examiner
... didn't read it or Holder thinks the executive order doesn't cover Operation Fast and Furious, the misguided Justice Department program that allowed thousands of weapons to be sold in the United States to known gunrunners for Mexican drug cartels.
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Washington Examiner
Be smart, save lives, legalise drugs
The Yorker
The senseless 'war on drugs' has resulted in more than a million people in the UK with a criminal record over the last decade. Internationally, fragile states have been further destabilised by exploitation from powerful and violent drug cartels.
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The Yorker
'Daily Show' Attacks Ridiculous Florida Welfare Law
Yahoo! Contributors Network
COMMENTARY | The Associated Press reported in October that a federal judge had halted a controversial Florida law requiring welfare recipients to undergo drug testing to qualify for benefits, but that didn't stop the comedy fake-news team at the "Daily ...
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Bill Baer Nominated to Lead Antitrust Division
Main Justice
... he believes the department has not fully cooperated in his investigation of the Fast and Furious gun-walking investigation that let weapons purchased by straw buyers in the US flow over the southern border into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.
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Main Justice
2012-The year of protests in the CNMI
Saipan Tribune
Or that spirit of dissent would spur Mexicans to rise up against the terror of drug cartels, Greeks to march against unaccountable leaders, Americans to occupy public spaces to protest income inequality, and Russians to marshal themselves against a ...
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$25 Million Lawsuit Threatened Over “Fast and Furious”
Opposing Views
“Fast and Furious” is the name that was given to the gun tracing operation where agents knowingly allowed gun purchases to Mexican drug operatives so they might be traced to the higher echelons of the Mexican Drug Cartels. They then could pin the guns ...
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Opposing Views
Three Mexican naitonals get ten years for Wisconsin national forest grow ...
Government Security News
A 2010 Forest Service briefing memo, described the “disturbing new trend” in the Great Lakes states that approaches a par with the drug gang marijuana growing operations on California public lands. In that state, Mexican drug gangs cultivate millions ...
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Big Cocaine Drug Bust on New York Thruway
By Danny Fenster One moment you're driving down a New York state Thruway and the next you're in prison facing drug charges in connection with violent Mexican drug cartel. Texas residents Ruby Irene Maxwell, Mary Ann Selgado and ...
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Mexico: Top Cartel Enforcer Arrested
Eurasia Review
The suspected leader of Mexico's Gente Nueva gang, the de facto enforcement wing of the Sinaloa drug cartel, was captured by the federal police (Federales) this weekend, according to a US drug enforcement agent assigned as liaison with Mexican ...
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Anonymous jury to hear trafficking, murder case against cousins
Memphis Commercial Appeal
By Beth Warren Jury selection is set to begin today in the federal trial of two alleged hit men from one of the largest drug-trafficking rings in Memphis' history, with ties to a deadly Mexican cartel. For their protection, jurors will be escorted each ...
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Mexico police find decapitated women
Herald Sun
POLICE in northern Mexico have found the decapitated bodies of two women with missing index fingers, a sign among drug gangs that they believed the victims were informants. The women, between the ages of 20 and 25, had also been shot and tortured, ...
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Mexico is Adapting its Military to meet the Cartel Threats
Over the past year, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Undersecretary of the Army Joseph Westphal separately have used the word "insurgency" to describe the Mexican government's fight against indigenous criminal cartels.
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Feb. 6: Posada, the President and pot
New York Daily News
Mexican drug cartels are no doubt thrilled with the federal crackdown on voter-approved medical marijuana dispensaries. If Obama succeeds in destroying the domestic medical marijuana industry, international drug cartels will move in to meet demand and ...
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New York Daily News
Mother of slain Border Patrolman slams Attorney General - "Coward" and "A Joke"
In the wake of the Obama-appointed Attorney General Eric Holder's scheme, Operation Fast & Furious, upwards of 2000 weapons were sold to Mexican drug cartels in the hope that the weapons would be tracked by US and Mexican officials, and lead to the ...
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Christian Missionaries Face Security Challenges After Murders
Worthy News
Davis, who lives in South Texas, said she did not know where her son was, but did not think he had returned to Mexico as a missionary. The area where the elderly couple was killed this week was known for attacks by drug cartels, including the murder of ...
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Worthy News
US Policy on Honduras: Views of Two Diplomats
New York Times
No, the unfettered violence of today's Honduras, and its neighbors, is caused by drugs, gangs and corruption. It is a choice of bribes or bullets, all driven by the market for coca leaf products. Honduras faced political and institutional stalemate ...
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THEATER REVIEW: Clash scores with zippy, funny 'American Night'
North County Times
A sweet and sensitive Rene Millan leads the cast as Juan Jose, an ex-cop from Sinaloa targeted by Mexico's drug cartel for refusing a bribe. Leaving behind his wife and infant son, Juan flees to the US and obtains legal residency, but he can't be ...
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Newton: Free speech and LA County's supervisors
Los Angeles Times
Next up was a resident in a glittery cap who fulminated about sheriff's deputies she wanted to have deported; she concluded by proclaiming that the US Department of Homeland Securitywas run by Mexican drug cartels. Another speaker took issue with ...
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Los Angeles Times
Noriega Moved to Hospital on Stroke Concern
As head of the military, he gathered information for the Central Intelligence Agency while also taking money from Colombian drug cartels, according to 1988 US congressional hearings. Officials from Noriega's Democratic Revolutionary Party, ...
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The Hidden Agenda Behind the Media War on Komen
Canada Free Press
Attkisson is not afraid to offend the Obama Administration by pursuing stories such as the Department of Justice cover-up of the officially-sanctioned “Fast & Furious” arms trafficking from the US to the Mexican drugs cartels. Such reporting would not ...
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Trial for Cardenas Guillen's nephew set for next month
Brownsville Herald
By MADELINE BUCKLEY/The Brownsville Herald The high-ranking Gulf Cartel boss arrested in Cameron County in October remains in federal custody, awaiting trial set for next month. Rafael Cardenas Vela, a plaza boss in the cartel's Matamoros operation, ...
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Iran's tropical toehold
Charleston Post Courier
Last fall Iran was exposed as plotting to use Mexican drug-cartel help to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to Washington. Iranian intelligence operatives are already based in Venezuela.
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2012: Iran's Plan to Take Human Life and Israel's Plan to Preserve It
Family Security Matters
... its establishment of the terrorist proxy group Hezbollah in Lebanon; its establishment of a Hezbollah base in Venezuela from where terrorists have linked up with the Mexican drug cartels to penetrate US borders; its providing IEDs to Iraqi and ...
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Family Security Matters
On Obama's watch
Canada Free Press
There are increasing indications that Hezbollah is also now embedding itself in Mexico, doing business and making common cause with narco-trafficking drug cartels there. Such ties facilitate these jihadists' ability to penetrate the southern US border ...
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OM This Day in History
Outcome Magazine (blog)
In 1997, the head of Mexico's leading anti-drug agency resigned after evidence emerged that he took bribes from a drug cartel. In 1998, US President Bill Clinton said he would never consider resigning because of allegations that he had an affair with ...
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Outcome Magazine (blog)
Human Rights Activist Weighs Leaving Mexico After Attack
Latin American Herald Tribune
Andrade, who has received death threats from drug cartels, moved to Mexico City after the Dec. 2 attack in Juarez, in which she was shot in the left shoulder and right hand. The activist founded the NGO to try to bring an end to the killings of young ...
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Bloomberg Rips Congress Over Stalled Gun Control Laws
Look at Mexico, it's basically a state under martial law, you can't have a weapon unless you've joined the military, and the country is in shambles and the criminals run the show. And who provides the guns for the drug cartels? THE US GOVERNMENT!
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Editorials from around the country
Daily Camera
Mexico's drug war isn't only a problem for Mexico. It's also a problem for the United States. The victims of cartel violence may overwhelmingly be Mexican citizens -- 47000 dead in six years. The destabilization such violence creates in Mexico, ...
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Blogs 11 new results for mexican drug cartels
Creative use of our new border fencing by Mexican Drug Cartel ...
Creative use of our new border fencing by Mexican Drug Cartel members. Mexican drug smugglers using the new border fence in New Mexico, they cut the welds on the drop in panels along the fence posts and use jacks to rise up the fence ... - Rss Feed
suckerPUNCH » Welcome to Beautiful Juarez
By suckerPUNCH
In the end, the produced imagery exploits the irony and danger of attempting an architectural solution to Mexican drug cartels (or any other issues) in general. What or who influenced this project?: eC & jF: Greg Vaughan Studio, drug cartels, ...
Insurgency in America? Upcoming GBTV Report on Mexico Border ...
By PinkTeaPatriot
Estimates are as high as 35000 deaths have resulted from the Mexican cartel wars. Many of these deaths involved extremely brutal torture and sadistic public displays of the victims' bodies. What this amounts to is a drug-fueled insurgency that ...
Tea Party Tribune - Tea Party...
Your Los angeles Drug Rehabs | videophile
By blogger
One of the major contributors on the Texas abusing drugs problem is the importation of medicine throughout the border is actually Mexican drug cartels continually struggling to gain dominance over supplying the US with drugs, a decrease ...
Eric Holder | Senior-Level Conversations | Fast and Furious | The ...
By Matthew Boyle
It has been more than one year since weapons Holder's Department of Justice provided to the Mexican drug cartels were used to murder Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Holder went on to say that he thinks the reason people in the ...
The Daily Caller
Michael Cutler » Blog Archive » On the radio for a "Double Header ...
By Michael
However, my idea of diversity most certainly does not include members of MS-13, the Mexican drug cartels or members of other transnational gangs or members of al-Qaeda or other terrorist organizations! It is also vital that American workers ...
Michael Cutler
Let's stop the ongoing, illegal fast and furious gun running - Blog For ...
By David Safier
Mayors Against Illegal Guns has written a letter "Call[ing] on Congress to Oppose S.570/H.R.3814 – Protect Law Enforcement Authority to Fight Gun Trafficking by Mexican Drug Cartels." It's addressed to Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Nancy ...
Blog For Arizona
Blog @ » Iran's Ties in Latin American Region Pose ...
By Stanford Matthews
“In October of last year, we learned of the attempted plot by the Qods Force to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador on U.S. soil, using individuals they thought were from the violent Mexican Zeta drug cartel. Two months later, the Spanish ...
Blog @
Video: And This is How America Gets a Fresh New Crop of Mexican ...
By Holger Awakens
Monday, February 6, 2012. Video: And This is How America Gets a Fresh New Crop of Mexican Drug Cartel Smugglers Into Our Country. Posted by Holger Awakens at 3:23 AM. Labels: Videos. 0 comments: Post a Comment · Older Post Home ...
Holger Awakens
Mexico Party Nominates First Major Female Presidential Candidate
By Sun Tzu
Others argue that the party, known as the PAN, is tainted by a crackdown on drug cartels that has seen violence soar, stalled reforms and corruption. “Josefina arrives with a weakened party,” said Soledad Loaeza, a political science professor ...
Big Peace
Sipsey Street Irregulars: Sipsey Street Exclusive: Deception Plan ...
By Dutchman6
... desire for more better statistics on the part of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others to support the "90 Percent" meme -- that 90% of weapons seized in Mexico from the drug cartels actually came from American civilian market sources.
Sipsey Street Irregulars

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Iran and Hezbollah Working with Mexican Drug Cartels to Smuggle ...
Israel's Strategic Affairs Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Ya'alon also said that Iran and Hezbollah were working with drug cartels in Mexico to learn how to ...
Why is Castro, Chavez and Mexican Drug Cartels working with ...
Castro and Chavez are the ones praised by Black Pa…
Albuquerque firefighter tied to Mexican drug cartel |
Steve Chavez was an unassuming middle class public servant who secretly worked with some of the most dangerous and wealthy drug cartels in the world.
Why did Eric Holder arm the Mexican Drug Cartels, and gave them ...
Eric Holder armed the drug cartels to the teeth wi…
The “Hollywood Head” was a Mexican Drug Cartel Hit « Monolithik
The “Hollywood Head” was a Mexican Drug Cartel Hit ... It was a moment many have dreaded, when the Drug War raging in Mexico and along the U.S.-Mexican ...
Police hunt down Mexican drug cartel accused
Mexican police have arrested Jose Antonio Torres, who is alleged to have masterminded drug exportation and murders.

'Democrats Abroad' Mobilize in Mexico for 2012 US Elections
For efficiency purposes, many expatriates choose to have ballots sent to a border drop-off like Laredo, Texas, and then have the election materials personally transported, Pihl said. A goal of the 2009 Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act ...
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DRUG WAR: 5 norteno musicians, 4 others killed in Mexico club shooting
Los Angeles Daily News
According to authorities, Marrufo is the suspected leader of 'Gente Nueva', an armed wing of the Sinaloa Cartel, mainly based in the border city of Ciudad Juarez. (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte) (Marco Ugarte) MEXICO CITY - A masked man opened fire on a band ...
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Startup raises $500 K
El Paso Inc.
Dave Wares has been appointed president of the local company, according to EDCO Ventures, a venture development organization that focuses on investments along the Texas-Mexico border. Its mission is to identify high-growth companies and help the region ...
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Near-term pipeline plans grow, longer-term projects sag
Oil & Gas Journal
The reduction consists primarily of lower imports from Canada and higher net exports to Mexico as demand growth in both countries outpaces production growth. EIA describes total 2035 US net imports of LNG in the 2011 outlook reference case as minimal ...
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Domestic MSM Says: Nothing To Report Here. Story? 2500 Cops in ...
By Chris
Juárez Mayor Héctor Murguía said Wednesday that the attacks carried out since the warning are a response to toughening police action against drug cartels in the city across from El Paso, Texas. Doesn't it seem that the Mexican police are in a perpetual “toughening police action against drug cartels?” The mayor said there is no way Leyzaola is stepping down. He said most of the officers are “angry because of the attacks,” but are deeply committed to fighting crime. Sánchez said the ...
Survival Blogs

Web 1 new result for texas drug cartel crime
One-a-day: Drug cartel threatens to kill one cop each day in Juarez ...
... police action against drug cartels in the city across from El Paso, Texas. ... are " angry because of the attacks," but are deeply committed to fighting crime.

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