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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Texas and Mexico Border News - 4.19.2012

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DRUG WAR: 14 mutilated bodies found in minivan near Nuevo Laredo
Long Beach Press-Telegram
The bodies were found on Tuesday. Nuevo Laredo, across the border from Laredo, Texas, is a stronghold of the Zetas drug cartel. It has been the scene of vicious turf battles between the Zetas its former ally, the Gulf cartel.
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Two challenging Sheriff Parkey
Denton Record Chronicle
He wants to use the resources of the Denton County Sheriff's Office to cooperate with other county agencies and work with residents to improve communications; crime prevention education; mentoring programs; anti-drug, alcohol and bullying programs; ...
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Kenny: The failed war on drugs
Some 27000 Colombians died each year during the 1990s as a result of violence fueled by drug cartels. Analysis by Jennifer Holmes and colleagues at the University of Texas suggests that coca cultivation was not related to violence in Colombia between ...
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UPI NewsTrack TopNews
Y., also briefed by Sullivan, said Tuesday interviews by Secret Service investigators in Colombia would help address concerns any of the women had ties to organized crime or drug cartels. The youngest of the women was 20 years old, he said.
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Two of the deadliest South American drug gangs feared to be joining forces
Catholic Online
The Zetas, in particular are a brutal Mexican paramilitary drug cartel that has seized control of large parts of rural northern Guatemala to seize drug-trafficking routes from South America to the United States. Members of the Maras gangs are ...
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Drugs: The Debate Goes Mainstream
Huffington Post (blog)
The only beneficiaries of prohibition are the drug cartels. Forty years of strenuous efforts have failed to reduce the production and consumption of illicit drugs. Worse, in Mexico and Central America, prohibition-related violence and corruption have ...
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Mexican Singer Shot For Not Taking Requests
Music Feeds
According to, a website that reports on the Mexican Drug Cartel War, “The trio refused to perform the song and the unidentified individuals took the 41-year-old singer away in an SUV, police said. The other musicians called police, ...
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Music Feeds
The Long, Long Sleep of Watchdogs
American Spectator
Arm Drug Cartels, in Mexico to spread Death and Chaos that I CAN USE for my own ends. I would Sever ties with Traditional Allies, and turn a blind eye to those who wish us harm. I would tear down everything that was GOOD, and replace it with something ...
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Top Dominican official confirms arrest of Mexican cartel chief's pilot
Dominican Today
The pilot of Joaquin “Chapo” Guzmán, head of the Sinaloa Cartel and one of the world's powerful drug lords, for whom the United States offers a US$30.0 million reward, has been arrested in the Dominican Republic, the Presidency's Adviser on Narcotics ...
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Savages Trailer: Oliver Stone Tackles the Drug Trade
The Hollywood Gossip
From director Oliver Stone comes Savages, a thriller caught between two worlds: The medicinal marijuana world of San Diego and the cartel-ruled universe of Mexico. Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson play marijuana “dealers” who buy in bulk for patients at ...
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A Wake-Up Call for Manufacturing
Stephen M. Ross School of Business
“More of those types of jobs have followed low-skill manufacturing to Asia than initially estimated,” says Kapuscinski. But Mexico isn't an easy fix. Drug cartel violence along the border has made moving goods, people, and services more difficult.
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People walk over a floor displaying empty bullet shells at an art exhibition ...
Reuters AlertNet
Authorities in Mexico have complained about the flood of weapons coming into their country from the United States, which they say facilitates the deadly war among drug cartels, causing more than 50000 drug-related killings over the past five years.
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TOURIES: Unknown Mortal Orchestra on strip clubs, drugs, and chicken outfits
The band have taken some time off from touring to write and record their sophomore album, so I caught up with Ruban to hear all about their tour antics and their experience down in Mexico for Festival NRMAL. Right now you're on a break from touring, ...
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Guns, deaths and money in the USA
For example, around 45000 people were killed in Mexico during the country's deadly drug-cartel wars in the last five years; most of them were killed by firearms. And according to the US Bureau of Alcohol, Drugs, Firearms and Explosives, ...
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King visits Webster City
Daily Freeman Journal
Darrell Issa (R-CA) on investigating the government's involvement in supplying arms to Mexican drug cartels in the "Fast and Furious" operation. After the event, King responded to a question about the temperament of the voters.
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Tennessee Pushes Hostile Immigration Legislation
Vanderbilt Orbis
While Americans mostly think of Mexican aliens as poverty-stricken immigrants illegally coming to the United States, thousands of upper and upper-middle class Mexicans have come to the United States in increasing numbers since the war against drug ...
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Twitter Saves Lives: Johannesburg Carjacking Victim Rescued Via Tweets, Top 5 ...
International Business Times
Twitter accounts have been created to warn Mexican patrons about real-time attacks and risk zones surrounding drug cartel wars near the Texas border, according to Quarterly Americas. 3. In 2009 actress Demi Moore received a disturbing tweet from a user ...
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Immodest Proposals
Salt Lake City Weekly
... a $160000 armored Chevy Suburban specifically designed to thwart high-velocity gunfire, fragmentation grenades and land mines, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Agent Jaime Zapata, 32, was ambushed in central Mexico by drug cartel gunmen.
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Salt Lake City Weekly
Movie Buzz: 'Savages' movie trailer released on YouTube promises intensity
Ben and Chon face terrible odds and take on a Mexican drug cartel in order to rescue O from possible death. The story is told by the O character, but that does not mean she lives throughout the movie. You can check out the official movie trailer of ...
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April 9 Open Line
Jacksonville Journal Courier
The latest batch of praise is for his handling of Iran, Korea, reducing AIDS in Africa, and helping fight the Mexican drug war. Here's the truth: After 9/11, Iran held the largest sympathy vigil in the Muslim world. Bush turned around and called them ...
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Savages is a High Worth Riding
Movies With Butter (blog)
... money, drug wars and drug politics in Savages. The trailer for Savages captivated my interest. The story is told as a flashback from the perspective of the kidnapped girl, Blake Lively, whose two boyfriends must face off against the Mexican cartel, ...
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The U.S. war on drug cartels in Mexico is a deadly failure — War in ...
By News Sources
Mark Karlin writes: On March 29, 2012, William R. Brownfield, US assistant secretary of state for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (in other words, Hillary Clinton's point person on drug issues), testified before ...
War in Context
Borderland Beat: 'War on women' in Mexico Described as Growing
By Buggs
Violence against women in Mexico grew worse during the country's war against the drug cartels, according to the preliminary findings of a recent fact-finding delegation led by two Nobel laureates. The delegation from the Nobel Women's ...
Borderland Beat
Evidence Suggests Zetas & MS-13 Pact To Control Drug Trade
By Staff
Top Story — Guatemalan authorities say there is evidence that Mexico's Zetas drug cartel and Central America's Mara Salvatruchas (MS-13) have formed a pact to control drug-trafficking routes from South America to the United States.
Today in Latin America
Why Latin America is looking at legalizing cocaine
By admin
In Mexico alone, more than 50000 people have perished in a violent campaign against narcotics that began five years ago, when President Felipe Calderón threw down the gauntlet in a do-or-die battle against Mexico's mighty drug cartels.
The Beckley Foundation
The US War on Drug Cartels in Mexico Is a Deadly Failure ...
By Tomas
tomas Easily and Quickly Stay informed - What is happening in the Hispanic/Latino world? For over six years I have redefined Hispanic and Latino news. HispanicTips explores, organizes and shares the news to easily empower you.
Voter Fraud - White Man In DC Offered AG Holder's Ballot ...
By Rob
"I'll be back Faster than you can say Furious,” the young man quips on his way out, a nice poke at Holder's Fast and Furious scandal involving American weapons illegally sold by the Department of Justice to Mexico's drug cartels. You'll also ...
[WATCH] Trailer #1 for Oliver Stone's SAVAGES | A FISTFUL OF ...
By Dominic Pink
... Winslow's 2010 crime novel, tells the story of two small-time Californian pot dealers (Aaron Johnson, Taylor Kitsch) whose mutual girlfriend (Blake Lively) is kidnapped in an attempt to strong-arm them into working with a Mexican drug cartel.
CIA and Pentagon Plan for Worse Case in Mexico, page 1
By holywar666
The American CIA and Pentagon planners wonder if Mexico will implode and lose the country to drug cartels. We face the possibility of having the 11th largest country in the world being ruled by vicious drug cartels next door to our country. Hot Topics
A political form of reefer madness | CalWatchDog
By Steven Greenhut
The best answer would be to eliminate the sham altogether by legalizing marijuana, which would provide a tax windfall and take a bite out of the Mexican drug cartel profits. It's not as if pot smokers can't easily buy marijuana on the black ...
New Art Exhibit Highlights Mexico Narco-Violence
By MTV Tr3s
There is no denying that violence in Mexico is at an all-time high. In the past five years, nearly 50000 of its citizens have been shot and killed by drug gangs. Well now, artists in Mexico City are channeling those stats into a provocative new ...
Tiny Mexican newspaper leads the fight for truth amid the drugs war
Río Doce has to steer a fine line when reporting the drugs war - unearthing the truth without prompting revenge. ... 1 similar tweet. predatorbdu PredatorBDU Mexican Newspaper grows some little but still living cajones to report on drug cartels ...
Topsy - Top 100

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The US War on Drug Cartels in Mexico Is a Deadly Failure
(Photo: Mark Karlin) This is the third article in a Truthout series on viewing US immigration and Mexican border policies through a social justice len...
Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Hits Home | The Way Out
Mexican drug cartel activity is already bringing its violence into the US; at least three murders in southern states have been blamed on cartels in the last few.
The US War on Drug Cartels in Mexico Is a Deadly Failure - Care2 ...
On March 29, 2012, William R. Brownfield, US assistant secretary of state for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (in other words, ...
The War on Drugs in Mexico Is Unwinnable; It's a War for Drug ...
In the past few years, since Mexican President Calderon took office in 2006, and signed on as a "partner" with the US in "eradicating" the drug cartels, at least ...
Monarch butterfly migration appears to be down
KSAT San Antonio
DALLAS (AP) — Springtime is prime time for watching the monarch butterflies that flutter from Mexico through Texas as they make their annual northbound journey. But the monarchs are dwindling. The Mexican monarch population was down 30 percent this ...
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Prostitutes add to woes for mayor-elect -- and New Mexico town (blog)
Through what the complaint described as a "pyramid scheme," Salinas and his alleged cohort with EnviroSystems are accused of trying to bill Sunland Park, a town of about 14000 near the borders of Texas and Mexico, for "night life" expenses during the ...
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Ex-Texas FBI agent gets prison in NYC for lying
President George W. Bush visited the US-Mexico border to tout a guest worker program for immigrants. One year ago: A man armed with several weapons opened fire in a crowded shopping mall in the Netherlands, killing six people before committing suicide.
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Skokie man held in slaying outside Texas pool hall
Chicago Tribune
A man charged with a murder outside a pool hall in El Paso, Texas, was arrested Saturday afternoon in Skokie, prosecutors said. Local fugitive apprehension officers arrested Charles R. Jones, 27, at a hotel in the 3300 block of West Touhy Avenue, ...
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Home again in Mexico: Illegal immigration hits net zero
AXcess News
When the family crossed the border in a van from Brownsville, Texas, in June, near where Pedro sneaked across the Rio Grande illegally in 1992 at night, it was the first time the children had ever stepped on Mexican soil. It's been up and down, ...
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AXcess News
The life and career of Anthony Shadid
They took a boat to Mexico, where they smuggled themselves across the border and crossed the river in the dark of night into Texas. They finally traveled to Oklahoma, where the family was waiting. Shadid weaves the two stories together into a tapestry: ...
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Judge: World Court Is 'Potent Force' for Peace
Texas Lawyer
The United States also failed to obey a 2004 World Court decision in Mexico v. United States of America, in which the World Court ruled that US courts should reconsider the sentences of Mexican nationals facing execution because the United States ...
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April 9 — Today in history
Kewanee Star Courier
In 1947, a series of tornadoes in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas claimed 181 lives. In 1959, NASA presented its first seven astronauts: Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, John Glenn, Gus Grissom, Wally Schirra, Alan Shepard and Donald Slayton.
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Three Republicans run in US Representative District 34 primary
Victoria Advocate
She's served on civic boards like the Texas Council of Community, Mental Health and Mental Retardation Centers and the Healthy Communities of Brownsville. Bradshaw, 37, ran for Congress in 2010 as a tea party member. She was born in Matamoros, Mexico, ...
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Blogs 2 new results for texas and mexico border
SpaceX Looks to Build Commercial Spaceport in Texas at Parabolic ...
By Doug Messier
The proposed vertical launch area site is currently undeveloped and is located directly adjacent to the eastern terminus of Texas State Highway 4 (Boca Chica Boulevard) and approximately 3 miles north of the Mexican border on the Gulf ...
Parabolic Arc
The Juke Box that Rocks | Delilah's Chicago
By admin
Femme fatale Maria Schneider talks a down on his luck ex-con into pulling of the heist of an incoming heroin shipment at the Texas/Mexico border. As a part of the deal, Grant must also kill the man transporting the drugs. But the deal goes sour ...
Delilah's Chicago

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Customs agents seize $3 Million in marijuana at Texas-Mexico border
PHARR — Customs officers made a large drug bust at the Texas-Mexico border yesterday. Agents who were inspecting a shipment of produce at the Pharr ...
The border between the United States and Mexico is 1954 miles long. The Rio Grande River makes up 1240 miles of the border—between Texas and Mexico.
Texas rep. demands Mexico pay for services to illegals | Times 247
Texas rep. demands Mexico pay for services to illegals Texas State Representative Lyle Larson ... Deported migrants climb a fence at the U.S.- Mexico border.



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