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Words of Wisdom

"Time is what we want most, but what we use the worst."
~William Penn

Business Advertising

TOR is currently ranked in the top three million websites globally, within the 600,000 top sites in the US and receives over 400 page views per day! 
Thank you for exploring opportunities for advertising.

I've created a network of interesting sites that will allow for maximum exposure to the people interested in your music, product or service.

Through the use of the popular Social Media sites; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, ReverbNation and the
three unique domain destinations I own, I'm able to put your music, product or service in front of over a thousand people a day and I hope to be streaming 24/7 in the near future.

My network consists of music, news, information and opinion on ; Texas beer, wine, spirits and destination news and information through ; and for that "unusual" taste in news and information, I've created where news and commentary are provided on UFO sightings, the Paranormal and the unusual. A site that is popular and receives visitors from all over the world each and every day.

By inter-connecting these sites, it allows for maximum exposure and puts your business in front of more eyes each day than an ad in a "throw down" newspaper. More visitors are likely to click on your website link to find more out about your music, product or service.

I offer banner ads, links, voice over's on broadcasts and sponsorships of popular daily postings for a small fee. Your links are included on all three sites, with a margin button on the site of your choice, and random rotation inserted into podcasts and rotating banners on the sites.

All ad packages are $30 per month with a three month minimum. That's it, and all you have to do is send
link, information and a couple of pics and I'll take it from there. Once posted, I'll send you the links to where all your information is posted. That's pennies per day to get the word out.

I can do custom ads that can post to YouTube and are embeddable to any location you choose, contact me for information.

You can click on the secure payment option through PayPal below or send me the information via email and I'll invoice you directly.

I look forward to helping you spread the word!

If you'd like to speak on the phone, please drop me a note and I'll get in touch.

Jeff Falck

90 Day Advertising Package on Texas Online Radio, Texas Beer and Wine,  The Beginning Is Near


...or if you'd like, contributions are greatly appreciated.